Hot Sahara Wind
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 8:36:00 PM

When Lady Sarah gets caught in a temple where she has no business being, she does the only thing she can think of and tells the guards that she knows the royal family.  Her brother’s best friend from school Ahmed is a prince and will be able to help her.  She never thinks that the price will be marriage or that she will wind up becoming a princess.  Has she found the perfect man or been tricked into a marriage for other reasons?

Ahmed has wanted Sarah for a long time, but when she comes to his country and gets herself into trouble, he sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally claim what he has wanted all along.  Marriage is the idea way to ensure that Sarah can’t get away from him, but there are those who are against the marriage and will do anything to destroy it.  Can Ahmed keep his new wife safe from the danger that is now stalking them?


This book is a great historical and full of action, adventure and mystery.  Sarah is everything a proper young woman should be, but under Ahmed’s tutoring, she will explore her own desires.  Ahmed is commanding and used to being obeyed.  His one priority is to keep his wife safe from danger.  There are shadows in every corner and someone in the wings just waiting to tear apart the couple’s newfound happiness.  Love scenes are very passionate with erotic flare that will have your toes curling.  I normally don’t read historicals, but Emma Wildes penned a story that simply couldn’t be resisted.

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