Hot Stuff
By BJ Deese
Apr 1, 2005 - 4:44:00 AM

Tempe Walsh has traveled to India with Ray Decore as his interpreter.  Ray is an art collector, and he needs Tempe to help him with the buying of an Indian Goddess statue, aka Shiva's Diva.  Unknown to Tempe, the statue is highly coveted by several dangerous men.  These bad guys are also trying to buy the statue.  When all heck breaks loose, Tempe ends up in the arms of a sexy Irish gent by the name of Briggan 'Brigg' O'Brien.  Now, Temp and Brigg are dancing their way out of danger and into each other's arms.

Brigg soon explains the legend of the statue.  It will either curse or bless a person, depending if they are a true art lover or have nefarious purposes.  Tempe and Brigg's escape leads them to a Ladies Club, where Tempe ends up shimming on stage to escape the bad guys.  Then Brigg has a brilliant idea for a hideout.  They will stay on the set of a Bollywood movie and actually have dancing parts in the film.  (Bollywood is a nickname for the Hindi-language film industry based in Bombay, India.)  Having to dodge bullets, knives, and fists, this hero and heroine are having the thrill of their lives.  All the while, the sexual tension is searing, and the witty banter make for a very interesting relationship.  Will Tempe survive this trip to India and be able to explore her feelings for her new Irish fellow?


Flo Fitzpatrick has created a stellar romantic comedy!  Readers will delve into the world of heroine Tempe Walsh with a gigantic splash and won't surface until the grand finale.  Ms. Fitzpatrick does first person point-of-view incredibly.  I loved seeing everything through the heroine's eyes, and her wit and talent were great entertainment.  HOT STUFF is an outrageously funny love story crammed with action, intrigue and pulsing passion.  This is only Flo Fitzpatrick's second book, but she certainly writes like a seasoned pro.  All of the characters had me rolling with laughter, and I could not stop turning the pages.  HOT STUFF is a must-read love story that you'll remember, with a grin, long after you've finished it.

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