Hot Summer Nights

Author: Jaci Burton, Carly Phillips, Erin McCarthy and Jessica Clare

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: July 2, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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HOPE SMOLDERS by Jaci Burton
When her husband left her, Jane Kline picked up the pieces of her life and moved forward after the divorce. She had two kids to care for and bills to pay. There was no time to wallow. There certainly was not time for romance. However, Will Griffin thinks it is time for Jane to take a chance on romance again, to take a chance on herself. Does Jane have the courage to grab life by the horns once again?

This friends to lovers story is just the right amount of sexy and sweet. Will used to be friends with Jane’s ex, but he is as disenchanted with him as Jane. When Will sees Jane again after two years, he cannot believe the feelings he has for her. Jane learned her lesson taking risks but I liked that she was finally ready to take a chance when push came to shove. She is a protector, a fighter and a great foil for Will. Jaci Burton kicks off this anthology with a winner!

PERFECT STRANGER by Carly Phillips
Alexa Collins is moving up the career ladder as an in demand emergency room doctor. Unfortunately, every other aspect of her life is suffering. She cannot spend much time with her friends and she has no love life. That changes when she meets Luke Thompson. He has never been so intrigued by a woman and he is determined to get to know Alexa, even if he can barely fit into her busy schedule. Will Alexa make room for him before she misses something special?

Carly Phillips is a talented writer and she makes you believe in Alexa and Luke as a couple. They definitely have the beginnings of something special. Alexa has to realign her life a bit and Luke has to realign his expectations of a relationship but they find a way to make it work. This is an enjoyable romance!

THE LEGEND OF JANE by Jessica Clare
Officer Hank Sharp has been called out after two am for some weird stunts in the past but cow tipping by the infamous Jane of the Legend of Jane website is definitely one of the more unusual. “Jane” does not intrigue Hank, but Luanne Allard, the woman under Jane’s makeup certainly does. They start to spend time together but unfortunately, Luanne’s troublemaking persona may just cause their relationship to crash and burn.

Jessica Clare definitely keeps this anthology steamy with Luanne and Hank. What I appreciated most about this story is how real and genuine both characters are. Luanne has a reason for her crazy persona and it is something everyone will identify with. Hank likes Luanne’s laugh, her personality, her smile, everything. He is smitten with her and it shows. This is a sweet story that was a definite highlight of this anthology.

ICE PRINCESS by Erin McCarthy
Chelsea Carruthers has gone on a skiing trip with two friends, who unfortunately, are both coupled up, leaving Chelsea the sole single in the group. When she goes up to her room the night they arrive, she steps outside to breathe in the cold air and gets trapped out on her balcony because the sliding door has iced over. What is a girl to do but decide to climb down? Enter Brody Durbin and one of the most entertaining weeks of both of their lives.

This story is hilarious! Chelsea has a definite mouth on her and it gets her into trouble but it also wins Brody over. He likes how she communicates and does not put on a façade, but instead, tells it like it is. These two have great chemistry together but it was definitely the dialogue between these two that had me turning pages. Erin McCarthy was on fire in this story!

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is not only a great beach read but it is the kind of story you want to pass from girlfriend to girlfriend. There is something for every reader to enjoy in this collection.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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