Hot Ticket
By Ann
May 5, 2006 - 9:42:00 PM

In LUCKY CHARM by Julia London, an ambitious sport host and a star baseball player find out that superstitions and charms could all be in their heads. 

In SAME RINK, NEXT YEAR by Dierdre Martin, a concierge and hockey goalie find that their yearly one night stand might not be enough anymore.

In YOU CAN'T STEAL FIRST by Annette Blair, a famous baseball player gets a chance to reunite with his childhood sweetheart during a train ride to spring training.

In YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS by Geri Buckley, a young woman decides to take back the season tickets she bought for her now ex-boyfriend.  She finds out that there is plenty to learn when she meets a guy in the stands.

HOT TICKET pairs four sport hunks with very different and vivacious ladies.  Even though they are short stories, they certainly didn't feel like it.  I liked how the characters were engaging and how their problems were resolved.  The stories didn't lag or seemed rushed at all.  The women are independent but do need a bit of reassurance every once in a while.  On the surface, the guys are macho but they have a softer, more private side that most don't see.  I believe the simple things like taking care of a sick person or a heartfelt confession to the one you love made each couple winners off the field.  This is a great anthology from beginning to end.  Game, set, match for HOT TICKET!

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