Sinners On Tour:Book 4; Hot Ticket
By Cheryl McInnis
Feb 1, 2013 - 9:09:20 AM

Aggie doesn’t really have the time or space in her life for men, unless she’s working as her alter ego, “Mistress V”, and dominating and beating those males who crave pain. Aggie has trust issues, abandonment issues and a whole host of other kinks that make it almost impossible to find a man who will love and accept her as she is. When Jace Seymour walks into Mistress V’s dungeon looking for release, she knows that she can give him the pain that he says he needs. But she also finds herself attracted to the defiance in his eyes and the way he looks at her as more than a dominatrix wielding a whip.

Although he’s the bassist for a successful rock band, The Sinners, Jace has always felt like a bit of an outsider, even with his band mates. Jace has lots of secrets, and they make him feel so unworthy and ashamed that he needs pain constantly to help him get through the day. When he meets Aggie, he is at first attracted to her Mistress V persona, and the fact that she can bring him relief. However, soon he finds himself falling for Aggie, the woman who sees beyond the piercings and dyed hair and wants him for who he really is.

Despite their mutual attraction, Jace and Aggie are both carrying a lot of baggage. Add in Jace’s grueling tour schedule and Aggie’s interfering mother and their budding relationship seems doomed from the start. But when a tragic accident changes The Sinners’ world forever and brings Jace’s past roaring back, Aggie proves that she will always be there when he needs her, for whatever he needs from her. Meanwhile Jace has to decide whether to keep living with his demons from the past or move on to create a new future with The Sinners, and with Aggie.

HOT TICKET is the third story in author Olivia Cunning’s SINNERS ON TOUR series (although it was released fourth for some reason) and it continues on with the saga of a rock band on the brink of making it big. Jace has always been the quiet member of The Sinner’s but in HOT TICKET he definitely makes himself heard. All the other guys in the band are pretty wild, but Jace proves himself to be a very dirty boy and luckily for him, Aggie loves him that way and doesn’t want to change a thing. The love scenes in HOT TICKET are extremely hot, and not for the faint of heart, but the emotions and heartbreak found here are also very real and something not found often in an erotic romance. I really enjoyed reading HOT TICKET, and I think Jace and Aggie may be my favorite couple yet.

I do recommend reading the first two books in the SINNERS ON TOUR series; BACKSTAGE PASS and ROCK HARD, since the events in them coincide with HOT TICKET. But I don’t think that would be a hardship for anyone looking for a well written, steamy series about sexy rock stars and the women who tame them!

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