Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks

Author: CJ England

Publisher: Restless Wind

Release Date: 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Mandy’s last boyfriend had taken a hike and Valentine’s Day was fast approaching. If she was going to be alone she might as well spend it in style while doing something to ease the stress of her mundane life as a writer with writer’s block. The hot tub she purchased was a splurge she’d wanted for some time. At least something would be making her all wet.

Sawyer laid eyes on long-legged beauty Mandy and thought here was opportunity knocking. Owner of the business selling the hot tub, Sawyer doesn’t usually deal with installations. However, instead of one of his employees installing Mandy’s hot tub, he takes the work order upon himself so he’d have a way to get closer to her. He had all intentions of being the one spending Valentine’s Day in that hot tub with the green-eyed goddess. Pardon him for being forward but he wasn’t letting an opportunity get away.


The tension of passion stirred is felt from the moment Sawyer laid eyes on Mandy. From the moment they meet it’s only a matter of time before desire consumes them both. Timing is everything and unfortunately it isn’t always on their side especially with all the issues plaguing both of them. Will love eventually prevail? Find out in CJ England’s HOT TUBS AND HOT HUNKS. I have already read through it three times because it’s a great story of love and with lots of hot passion. I enjoyed this story because it is well written and the imagery is enticing and entertaining. I love how the author is able to invoke the emotions within her story. Furthermore, what better way to spend time than to read this book and be introduced to such a hot hunk? I am thrilled to have met this author through her book. I am looking forward to reviewing more from CJ England.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Carol

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