Hot Under Pressure
By Dottie
Oct 24, 2009 - 12:39:32 PM

Ashley Larsen, a thirty-two-year-old divorcee, lives in Chicago and owns four boutiques known as Ashley’s Closet.  She purchased them as a post-divorce present to herself, but the impulsive buy to reinvent her life isn’t growing quite as she had hoped.  Though she has always loved to shop, she needs help in the business area of her boutiques.  In addition, Ashley has a deep fear of flying.  Unfortunately, she has to fly once a month on buying trips, so she always follows the same pattern and takes her bunny slippers to change into as soon as she gets onto the plane.  She figures that if she is going to die in a plane, she wants to be with something close to her.  Since the divorce, Ashley has been living with her mother, her sister Val and her niece Brianna.  Her sister is a recovering alcoholic; she has been sober for thirteen months, but she always expects Ashley to drop everything and take care of her.  Ashley does it just to keep Val sober, putting her own wants, needs and dreams aside to cater to others.

David McLean is also divorced, but he lives in New York.  He makes his living as an analyst; determining how much a business is worth, letting the business know what they are doing wrong and recommending whether his firm’s investors should go all in or not.  He lost his wife Christine to his brother Chris and he hasn’t spoken to his brother since he caught them in bed together.  Though he travels for his firm, evaluating businesses, the one city he does not like to visit is Chicago, the city where Chris and Christine live.  After the divorce, he threw himself into his work and avoided dating.  When he is not working, he likes to box.


Ashley is on her way to L. A. on a buying trip.  She had just settled into her seat on the plane and changed into her bunny slippers when David sat down next to her.  He stopped in Chicago after telling his ex-wife that he would stop and see them, finally, but after he arrived at O’Hare, he could not do it.  Therefore, he was going on to his next business meeting in L.A.  In all of Ashley’s buying trips, her seatmates had never been so attractive.  David arrived at the last minute and accidentally hit her leg as he tried to settle into his seat; he apologized and struck up a conversation with her. Realizing they were both divorced, the conversation became more personal.  By the time the plane sat at the gate for a couple hours with engine trouble; it became clear that they would be staying the night in Chicago.  David and Ashley ended up spending the night together, something neither one had ever done before.  They both said it would just be a one-night thing, but the night they spend together was so hot and passionate; will they be able to stop at just one night?


HOT UNDER PRESSURE is a witty, scorching hot contemporary romance.  Ashley is so used to hearing her sister’s criticisms that she even hears her sister in her head when her sister is nowhere around and carries on conversations with her sister in her head…conversations of which her sister is not aware, of course.  The secondary characters add humor to the story, but they also make the story more credible.  Kathleen O’Reilly is one of my favorite authors.  She has a way of making her story so realistic that it seems to come to life right before your eyes.  In addition, her stories are brimming with charismatic characters, humor interwoven with sensual delight and delicious plots, bringing you stories that you will not soon forget.  I recommend that you run out and grab your own copy of HOT UNDER PRESSURE.

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