Hot Wheels and High Heels
By billie jo
Oct 8, 2007 - 6:52:37 AM

Darcy McDaniel is a woman who has everything.   She has a rich husband, a nice car and lovely jewelry.   One day when she comes home from vacation, she finds her house, all of her belongings and her husband gone.    With nowhere to go, she heads to the little mobile park where her insane parents live.   While she is there, the repo man shows up to take her precious car.   She begs and pleads with him not to take it, but the infuriating man refuses to budge.   She decides to outsmart him only to realize that when their fingers meet, the sizzling electricity is breath-taking.   When Darcy goes job hunting, the only one she is qualified for is as a secretary for John, the repo man who took her car.   Darcy knows she is not cut out to live on meager wages and decides to find herself a rich man who can take care of her.   Only Darcy can not deny the strong feelings that John elicits from her.   Will Darcy forsake John’s love for a rich man who can only give her tangible items?   Or will she realize that love is far richer than any material item?

John Stark is an ex-cop who started his own repossession business.   He likes the element of danger that repossessing cars provides.   However, when he gets outmaneuvered by the sexiest woman he has ever seen, he rethinks his position of not opening a sub shop like his family wanted him too.   John was not expecting the lovely dame to show up at his business asking for the secretary position.   He knows he is making a big mistake with the infuriating, self-absorbed woman, but he really needs help in the office.   John was not expecting the blistering passion that erupts inside of him every time he is near her.   Will John open his heart and let the woman who captured it in?   Or will his overbearing personality cause her to run to another man?


Within the pages of HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS, you will find a lovely romance between two people who are complete opposites.   Jane Graves pens a funny tale with compelling characters woven into an intriguing plot.   I laughed at the witty bantering between John and Darcy.   The secondary characters are vibrant and fun to read.


Darcy is facing the “big” birthday and has lost everything.   She is stubborn, self-absorbed and scared about how she is going to make it on her own.   She has a low self-esteem.   I could not help but to yell at her that she does not need a man to make it on her own.   She thinks John is strong-willed, overbearing and controlling.   John is a sexy man who thinks he has to be in control of everything.   He has a hard time of giving voice to his emotions.   I have never read a charming tale where two people were so conflicting that the author could make their love work.   But Ms. Graves does a great job of it.


HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS is a fun read that will have you laughing and rooting for the characters.  



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