Hot and Bothered: Out of Uniform, Bks 1-3
By pamelalynne
Dec 15, 2011 - 3:37:54 PM


John Garrett has been lusting after Shelby for a year now, but things do not go exactly according to plan when he decides to ask her out. At first, he gets the impression that Shelby is simply not attracted to him. It turns out, he could not be more wrong. It seems a little comment he made to his friend really bothered Shelby, and it gives her just the right amount of motivation to seek him out. John is sure Shelby is the one, and all she has to do is love him back.


Carson Scott has had a one-night stand with a complete stranger. He knows nothing about her and she ran off before he could get to know anything about her. Imagine his shock when he runs into her again at his friend's wedding, a month later. Carson is done with his carefree lifestyle and ready to start a real relationship, and who better to do it with than the woman who he cannot seem to forget, Holly. But Holly wants the exact opposite. Somehow he has to convince her that she is missing out if she does not take a chance on him.


In a moment of weakness, Mackenzie kisses her best friend, Will. Ever since then she has been trying her best to ignore her newly-discovered feelings. When Will shows up at her door with a confession that she was not in the least expecting, Mac is left reeling, and she cannot deny feeling the same way. If Mac can just let down her guard and give him a chance, she might see that sometimes friends can be the best of lovers.

HOT AND BOTHERED is a truly captivating anthology. It contains three separate stories, HEAT OF THE MOMENT, HEAT OF PASSION and HEAT OF THE STORM. Each story involves a sexy Navy SEAL and the many obstacles they must overcome to be with the women they love. I enjoyed all three stories, but my favorite is HEAT OF THE MOMENT. Shelby and John have both been trying so hard, yet not realizing what lies right there under the surface. Their story is a hopelessly romantic one. Elle Kennedy is a wonderful author. I cannot wait to read her next novel.

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