Hot and Heavy
By Angel
Jun 1, 2005 - 11:36:00 AM

Lieutenant Ian MacLean is going to carry out a very special mission and has everything planned down to the minute.  His SEAL's are the best of the best and can do any job thrown at them.  Going to Iraq is supposed to be a simple in and out, but he never expects to be clobbered by a woman from one thousand years in the past, who has very definite ideas about where she belongs.  Will he wind up losing his heart to a woman who may leave him at any time or may pop out of his life as quickly as she appeared?

Madrene Olgadottir has no idea how she has come forward in time by one thousand years.  When she knocks out the man that wanders into the cave where she is hiding, she has no clue of what he is capable of.  The man known to her as Ian, not only talks strangely, but also has the same arrogant attitude that she is used to from her people.  When he takes her prisoner the only thing that matters is getting away from him, but will she soon find herself not wanting to leave?


HOT AND HEAVY is a fantastic book, which draws readers into the plot and holds them hostage until the very end.  Ian is sexy, controlling and very arrogant, he is the ultimate alpha male.  Madrene is used to men trying to control her, so she has quite a surprise for Ian, when she won't follow his rules.  The interaction between the couple is comical at times and will have reader's laughing out loud.  The love scenes are passionate with a touch of romance.  Sandra Hill has penned another wonderful story that includes action, adventure, passion, romance, comedy and even a little time travel.  Readers will add HOT AND HEAVY to their collection and come back time and again to read it.  

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