Hot as Hell
By Natasha Smith
Nov 3, 2008 - 6:55:59 AM

Noah Paxton has finally caught up with Alexa, his missing ex-fiancé.  After a diligent search, he finds her vacationing at a fitness spa in the desert.  Noah is HOT AS HELL, and he wants to get to the bottom of why Lexy left him and took important and confidential records with her.  After all, he trusted her implicitly, and to find out he is wrong about her doesn’t sit well with him. 

Alexa Stuart has come to this desert spa with the hopes of finding out why Noah, her now ex-fiancé, kept important secrets from her.  Lexy gave Noah many chances during their whirlwind relationship to tell her exactly what he was doing and why.  When Noah wouldn’t admit to his secret activities, Lexy had no choice but to end their engagement and their relationship.  Returning his ring was one of the hardest things Lexy has ever done, but she had no choice. Though she loves Noah, without his trust - and her lack of trust in him – what kind of marriage could they possibly have?


When a dead body is found in Lexy’s room, she has no choice but to involve Noah.  Working to clear their names as suspects of this senseless murder, they will stop at nothing in order to find the true culprit.  Who said anything in life is easy, right?


HelenKay Dimon once again has penned an extremely compelling and well written romantic suspense novel with HOT AS HELL.  This talented author effortlessly combines scorching hot loves scenes, tender displays of affection, and wickedly funny humor.  These elements smoothly blend together to make a compellingly addictive read.


Speaking of addictive – Noah Paxton has to be one of the finest, most sexy male characters I have read about this year.  He loves Lexy – that isn’t the issue.  He is protective of her and does not want her involved in dangerous things.  That’s just Noah’s character.  While I agree that his heart is in the right place, I think his inability to trust Lexy at the beginning of the book is realistic to today’s men, and therefore I knew it wouldn’t sit well with Lexy.  Noah has his reasons for not involving Lexy, most of which are he doesn’t want her to see him as anything but the man she loves.  Her safety means everything to him, and his ultimate goal is keeping the woman he loves safe.   


Lexy is a stroke of pure genius on HelenKay Dimon’s part.  Her characterization is so witty and charming that she won me over in the first scene of the book.  Lexy has her own reasons for breaking up with Noah though she continues to love him.  She finds his inability to trust her so important that she risks her heart to somehow make him see that she is not a hothouse flower and that she is the woman who loves him no matter what. 


HOT AS HELL combines powerful imagery and steamy love scenes to make for a sultry and sensual read.  Having read Ms. Dimon before, I knew I was in for a witty and surprising read and I was not disappointed.  I recommend fans running, not walking, to the nearest bookstore and quickly snatching this engaging and delightful novel off the shelf.  They won’t be sorry!



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