Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, Book 2 - Hot for Fireman

Author: Jennifer Bernard

Publisher: Harpercollins

Release Date: May 29, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Ryan Blake lived to be a fireman. He had been proud to be a fireman at the San Gabriel’s Fire Station One. These men are legendary for their heroics, both on and off the job. That particular fire station is also famous for the fact that it is comprised mainly of bachelors. Some believe this is due to a curse, placed by a fireman after his coworkers teased him about his failed relationship. But no one knows how true this curse is. However, Ryan's time at the fire station had ended eighteen months ago. He had been placed on suspension after a misjudgment on his part had almost cost a woman her life and he has spent that time off doing some serious thinking. Now he is ready to go back to work at San Gabriel’s Station One. However, his former boss has put some restrictions on him. He has quite a bit of studying to do and a test to take before he can be reinstated. This may not sound so bad, but Ryan has a problem…he is dyslexic.

The last thing that Katie Dane had wanted was to take over managing her father’s bar, The Hair of the Dog. Her father has health issues and her mother had taken him away for some sun and relaxation to improve his health. Her sister Brigitte wants nothing to do with the bar, so everything has been left up to Katie, but the bills that she has not wanted to look at are coming due fast. To make matters worse, business at the bar is not so hot and is mostly limited to a few old regulars. Then a hot guy walks into her bar and helps her out. She cannot help being attracted to the hunk, but she is not as beautiful as her sister, at least as far as she is concerned. Plus her ex-boyfriend is her bouncer and he is very jealous of Katie.


One day, wanting a drink, Ryan had wandered into the out of the way bar, which is down the street from the fire station, for the first time. Instantly, he felt an attraction to the bartender, who turned out to be the owner’s daughter. When her bouncer was attacked, he stepped in to help and the next thing he knew he was helping Katie out ofother situations at the bar, ending up with his becoming her bartender.


Katie’s new bartender had helped to increase her business. Of course, it was mostly women, coming in to see the hunk working there. But even with this increase in business, she still wasn’t making enough to pay the bills. When a question came up as to whether the insurance on the bar had been paid, Katie did some checking. She discovered that the bar was insured for a million dollars and her parents acted as if they would be happy if the bar was gone for good. An accidental fire, which was quickly put out by the fast thinking bartender, set Katie to thinking.


Ryan figures he can help Katie for a couple weeks while he waits to be reinstated. Besides, it is no hardship for him to spend his evenings working side by side with his sexy new boss, who makes him feel like no other woman has. But he has a problem, one in which his past as a firefighter comes in handy…the bar keeps catching on fire. He must figure out why and put a stop to it before someone gets hurt. Will his investigation end their budding relationship, or is it just the beginning of something wonderful?


A deliciously steamy read, HOT FOR FIREMAN, the second book in talented author Jennifer Bernard’s BACHELOR FIREMEN OF SAN GABRIEL series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romance that will have you eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next. The firemen at Station One are all hunks and the fun is just beginning when they volunteer for a Bachelor Firemen bachelorette party at the Hair of the Dog. Packed with charismatic characters, including firemen who are just as honorable as they are gorgeous, laugh-out-loud humor, passion that will steam up the pages, a potential million dollar pay-off and a forever after love, this fast-paced story is one you will not want to miss! A definite keeper! It can be read as a standalone. If you enjoy HOT FOR FIREMAN, you are also sure to take delight in the first book in this delectable series, THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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