Hot in Here
By Natalie
Jul 2, 2009 - 12:39:42 PM

Famous chef Bryce Ryder is just now getting things back to normal after being taken for almost everything by a vindictive and lying ex-lover.  His experience has taught him the prudence of being careful and Bryce refuses to allow another woman to get close to him.  Because of this, his heart is always on guard and while women adore him, Bryce remains unattainable.  When he says something inadvertently about his television viewers and is quoted out of context by a gossip magazine, Bryce begins to feel the heat - and he isn’t in the kitchen.  Turning to the one woman he knows can help him, Jenna McCabe, Bryce entrusts her with saving his reputation.  Desiring her isn’t part of the plan.

Celebrity chef Bryce Ryder is a ladies’ man through and through.  What I liked most about him was his gradual realization of his feelings for Jenna.  His feelings surprised him as well as the people around him. Jenna fell in love with Bryce years ago, and she has loved him ever since.  She does her best to maintain her composure abut Bryce and refuses to accept anything less.  Their love scenes are a kaleidoscope of touches, feelings, and erotic emotions.  Both Bryce and Jenna never knew what hit them!


HOT IN HERE quickly became my favorite indulgence.  There is nothing better to me than a well written highly intoxicating love story with a happy ending.  HOT IN HERE is that and so much more.  I encourage lovers of erotic romance to grab this enticing and blazing hot book off the shelves and read it immediately! 

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