Hot in the City, Book 2 - Sin City

Author: Lacey Alexander

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: November 9, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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In her youth, Diana Marsh was a very bad girl who wore her black wool proudly.  Older now, she knows what a disappointment she must have been to her family, and has decided to change her ways.  But when her work sends her to Las Vegas, Diana decides to take advantage of this opportunity in two ways -to finally come face to face with Marc, and to hopefully purge her system of all her naughtiness.

She and Marc Davenport work for Adrianne, Inc., a company that makes lingerie and loungewear.  She's stationed in Baltimore, and Marc in Vegas.  She and Marc have never met, but exchange emails and talk on the phone constantly.  Diana's boss tells her she will be flying to the City of Lights to help with the fall catalog.  This will be her chance to finally meet Marc and take their relationship to the next level.  It will be her last walk on the wild side, and what better place to do it than Sin City?

Marc eagerly anticipates showing Diana everything Vegas has to offer...including himself.  From their lengthy phone conversations, Marc knows they have a lot in common, but never in his most wicked fantasies could he have dreamed how perfect she is for him.  Their chemistry is pure dynamite, and Marc loves her bold and adventurous personality.  The more time spent together reveals just how much they compliment one another, but Diana will eventually have to return to Baltimore, and Marc's future plans will take him to Paris.  Saying goodbye will never be harder to do.

SIN CITY is the second book in the HOT IN THE CITY series.  It is erotic with a capital E!  This salacious novel has it all -voyeurism, multiple partners, and light BDSM.  The lascivious nature only compliments the romance and inner conflict of the lead characters.  Diana needs to learn not to be ashamed of her innate sexuality; instead realize it's part of who she is, and that smothering it will ultimately lead to her unhappiness.  Marc has the confidence Diana needs, but he still feels discontent and is searching for something to complete himself.  He'll find out it's not going to be in Paris.

Lacey Alexander's talents are boundless and evident in her spectacular stories!  This tale earned every one of its five ribbons, and anyone who reads it will walk away a fan of this author.  With its jaw-dropping scenes, SIN CITY is guaranteed to leave the very best last impression.  Many will relate to Diana as she indulges in her fantasies with equal parts fear and excitement, and walks away with no regrets.  Marc has many sides that appealed to this reader: tender, attentive, and willing to experiment with Diana, but always made sure she was safe and comfortable with what was happening between them.  I read the last page feeling as if this pair didn't exist on paper, but are at this very moment, taking in the bright lights, maybe spinning the roulette wheel, and of course, finding new ways to pleasure each other. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tracy Marsac

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