Housebreaking a Husband
By Jennifer Wardrip
Sep 25, 2003 - 8:52:00 PM

I have to admit that as I started reading this book, I had the passing thought that it was going to be another "marriage of convenience" book. And it is. But it's also so much more than that, and for that reason alone it's well worth reading.

Sarah Goldwyne's life is good. She recently rented a new house, and her dog training business is going full-speed ahead. Sarah's pretty much put her past behind her, except for those recurring nightmares regarding her ex-lover and their unborn child. The death of one and abandonment of the other have left her, if not bitter, than at least a little harder around the edges.

Trent Tremayne's life is a running a little ragged at the moment. His sister's death has brought into his life his twin niece and nephew, Kyle and Caitlin. He's finally getting the swing of this single-parent stuff, even though small setbacks like open backdoors and rampaging dogs seem to be trying to hinder him at every moment. And if he can't let himself love anyone but those kids, then so be it. Trent doesn't need a woman and no one is going to tell him differently.

Until the day comes that his lawyer informs him that the only possible way of retaining custody of his niece and nephew is by marrying. To Trent, marriage signifies everything that can happen to a man who hands his heart over to someone else. To Sarah, love is something that hurts even more when it's not returned in kind.

HOUSEBREAKING A HUSBAND is a great book. The writing is superb, and the book moves along at a quick pace, never leaving you time to get bored with a story line that has often been strung through the wringer. In this book, the marriage-of-convenience works, not just because it teaches two people how to live and love, but because it shows the healing power--the magic--of children.

Ms. Soard has done an excellent job with this story. Although not overly passionate in the sexual sense, this book does what a lot of others can't--it leaves you feeling happy, peaceful, and hopeful.

I look forward to what she comes up with next.

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