How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life

Author: Mameve Medwed

Publisher: Avon Publishing

Release Date: February 20, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Randolph is in a rut.   She is the owner of A & C Eclectics and currently single.   After a disastrous breakup with her former partner and lover, she hasn’t ventured out to find someone else.   Yet all of this changes when a fellow antiques dealer suggests she bring a chamber pot to The Antiques Roadshow .   When the appraiser tells her that the pot was most likely used by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Abby’s life is thrown into a frenzy.   Suddenly, her best friend, Lavinia, becomes her adversary by taking her to court to fight for ownership of the pot.   Amidst this whirl of change, will Abby be able to forgive Lavinia’s brother and former love, Ned, for destroying her life?

HOW ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING SAVED MY LIFE is a story of how one seemingly simple object changes a woman’s life.   Abby was just existing when her friend and fellow antiques dealer, Gus Robideau, pushes her to bring one of her pieces to The Antique Roadshow.   When she finds out her little chamber pot is worth A LOT, she almost wishes she never brought it in the first place.   It is a sentimental piece because it was her mother’s and one of the few things she has of her.   The rest was split with her best friend Lavinia after their mothers left their husbands and became a couple.   Now Lavinia wants it.   Suddenly Abby is not only fighting Lavinia but what she believes in.   She learns to appreciate her life and her mother’s relationship with a woman.   I think Abby forgot about life until she risks losing a piece of her mother to someone else.   That’s when she learned to stand up and fight.  


The secondary characters are just like real life.   Some are true friends while others are just pond scum.   It was really hard to give them the benefit of the doubt when they treat Abby so horridly.   And then there is Ned.   He was Abby’s first love but now her unwilling adversary.   I had a difficult time deciding if I liked him or not.   It wasn’t until the very end, in the courtroom, where I found that he did have some redeeming qualities lurking underneath.   However, that was overshadowed by all of the outpouring of emotions from Abby.   I could really feel her pain.   HOW ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING SAVED MY LIFE really did save Abby because she finally figured out how she wanted to live her life.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ann

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