How I Came To Sparkle Again
By Michele Rioli
May 2, 2013 - 5:40:28 PM

The potential for happiness lies within every heart. Three women yearning for a miracle may just find it in the ski town of Sparkle, Colorado. Jill Anthony, a pretty nurse, flees back to her hometown of Sparkle to escape her no-good, cheating husband and to recuperate from a devastating loss, a miscarriage. She anticipates time spent in her homey hometown will heal her soul as she regroups. Her zippy best friend from high school, Lisa, offers her a place to sleep while Jill recovers. Jill confides that it is only temporary and that she wants to find a place of her own. Hmm…the guys who live next door to Lisa, known as the Kennel, make it known that there is a room available. Will Jill move in and live with the dogs?

Lisa Carlucci, a vivacious woman with a voracious appetite for the male species, is looking for a serious change; a settle down, one-man type change. Is she looking for love in all the wrong places or is it that she doesn’t know love when she sees it? One of her ski guy friends, who lives in the Kennel next door, makes it known that he has a thing for her. Does Lisa believe him or is he just trying to look macho in front of his ski dog friends?


As Jill searches for a job, a widower named Mike offers her a babysitting position, to watch over his ten-year-old daughter named Cassie. Cassie is having a terrible time handling the death of her mother to cancer just a year earlier. Cassie desperately needs a motherly figure to guide her and just be there for her in her moments of emotional crisis. The winds of change are brewing and lives will be forever changed in the free-spirited skiing town of Sparkle.


Snow, flying skis, barking dogs and quirky characters populate Kaya McLaren’s enticing and encouraging new novel called HOW I CAME TO SPARKLE AGAIN. There are always two sides to every story and you will soon see how human error can be made by prejudging a situation before you know all the facts. It is important to take things slow, let it marinade, rather than make a hasty decision. Three women, Jill, Lisa and Cassie, all learn this the hard way. Life deals us some tough blows but a person can learn to persevere if just given time and the space to heal. Ms. McLaren unrolls an inspiring story that touches on human emotions and the power of love. It is, at times, reflective, serious, a tad cliché, humorous but overall very charming. I loved it thoroughly and completely, if that is possible! I felt a magical pull on my heartstrings as Jill visits her cantankerous uncle in Sparkle who is filled with good intentions for everyone he meets but especially so towards his niece. He reminded me of my own uncle. Will Jill, Lisa and Cassie all find love and happiness again? HOW I CAME TO SPARKLE AGAIN is an amazing gift of words that quenches the soul, like a refreshing mint julep on a hot summer day.

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