How Sweet the Sound
By Sherri Myers
Mar 1, 2005 - 1:03:00 PM

MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE by Jacquelin Thomas is a fun, interesting story about Bradley Rhodes, who wants to rise to fame again in the music business, and Desiree Coleman, who loves to sing for the Lord, only she doesn't have a musical bone in her body. When Bradley is offered the job of musical director at Peaceful Rest Church in Summerset, Texas, he is sure the leading voice in the choir is his ticket back to the top. However, when he arrives, someone new is in her place, and this lady sings off-key and much too loud. Can these two compromise to make sweet music more ways than one?

THEN SINGS MY SOUL by Francis Ray has sparks flying when the leader of Summerset Junior College's band and the choir director of Peaceful Rest Church are asked to organize a musical for a big college celebration. The only problem is they each have their own idea of what kind of music would be appropriate. Can Caleb and Grace find common ground in order to put together this festival of music? Will they also find their hearts singing in the key of love?


HEART SONGS by Felicia Mason is a sweet romantic novella about Reverend T.C. Holloway and Carys Chappelle Shaw, who meet again after twenty-five years at their college reunion. Now both widowed, they each realize that they have always loved the other. Will these two friends take a second chance at love, and possibly sing in harmony with each other?

HOW SWEET THE SOUND is an anthology which combines three short novellas by three of the best-selling African-American authors of our time. All center around the same small town in Texas, and feature many of the same characters. The main theme running through each of these novellas is love centered around gospel music. Uplifting to the human spirit, HOW SWEET THE SOUND is great for one of those slow winter afternoons curled up by the fireplace.

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