How to Be a "Wicked" Woman

Author: Mary Janice Davidson, Jamie Denton, Susanna Carr

Publisher: Brava Kensington Publishing Corp.

Release Date: August 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Desjardin is an editor with a most unusual sense of humor. She absolutely cannot stand the art director and has frequent arguments with the editor Bob Bob has sent her to persuade Hope Desiree to complete her manuscript on time.  Jeannie does not read the memos that are in the package that reveal that Hope is a pen name for a delicious package of man named Steven McCord and Jeannie wonders if he has butt implants.

Former NYPD Steven is most interested in Jeannie even though she is different-- not your average body.  She has an extremely foul mouth and is rather boney but this seems to turn Steven on.  They go to the Romance Authors Convention (RAC) together and Hope "comes out" to all the women there.  They are pleased such a good looking man is a writer of romance books, as they are.


I loved THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST SIDE and will definitely be looking for anything that Mary Janice Davidson writes. 


In INSTRUCTION IN SEDUCTION, Eden Matthews is a policewoman, partnered with "legendary lover" Jackson Hunt in the Sheriff's Department.  Eden is inexperienced in sex, and wants Jackson to teach her. Eden' s former lover told her she was a zero between the sheets and she asks Jackson to help her be a "wicked woman", as Eden has heard of Jackson' s wild reputation.


Jackson resists Eden but a woman KNOWS how to wear a man down. She knows exactly what to do, and what to say.  Jackson thinks he is the teacher, but ends up being the student.  Both deserve an A.


INSTRUCTION IN SEDUCTION definitely keeps you interested.  Jamie Denton has outdone herself with this one. From the opening page, Jamie Denton had me.  I burst out laughing because it was just like something I would say; open and honest, just blurting something out without thinking.  Eden and Jackson totally steam up the pages with unbelievably hot sex.  I love Jamie' s writing and this book should be read with lots of ice water along side of you.  Jamie   definitely opened her sexual knowledge book with INSTRUCTION IN SEDUCTION.  Anyone that has not read Jamie Denton before should read Jamie Denton now.  She definitely hits the spot. 



The third story is by Susan na Carr called WICKED WAYS .


Peyton Lovejoy of Lovejoy' s Unmentionables was out on the town with a client at, of all places, a strip club.  How do you tip a male stripper who has only a thong on?  To get the answer, call the 24 hour public library hotline.  Mike Ryder is the answer man and is totally interested in this lady with the questions.


Too bad he's interested in her as a suspect along with her cousin Owen . Mike follows Peyton around town and rescues her from several situations and she continues to call the public library hotline; for all kinds of questions that Mike seems to have an answer.  Wish my public library had an answer man like Mike . I would know that number by heart.


WICKED WAYS was very interesting and hot to boot.  I had not read Susanna Carr' s previous book THE WRONG BRIDE but will definitely look forward to her next writing. 



HOW TO BE A "WICKED" WOMAN is not to be missed.  All three stories were different but all kept your interest. I will be saving my money for the next anthology that comes.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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