How to Conjure a Man

Author: Nancy Lindquist

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: December 12, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 blue ribbons


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Becky Blake is tired of being alone. Vivian, her best friend and strip mall witch, created a spell for Becky to use to conjure her ideal man. She’s desperate so despite her better judgement Becky does as her friend instructs. She’s soon sitting buck naked in the middle of the freezing desert with candles galore lit all around her. Vivian cautioned her that the flow of the incantation is vitally important and wrote down exactly what Becky should say . . . unfortunately Becky doesn’t memorize the words and the paper catches on fire from one of the many candles when she’s distracted by a coyote’s howl. Since she’s already put so much time and energy into this one endeavor, Becky decides to wing it and offers up her own version of a plea to Aphrodite.

Rick Frazier hasn’t had the best of luck lately. His wife cheated on him with his business partner. Then after the divorce his ex-partner took off with all the money that his ex-wife had acquired in their settlement. Now she’s using all her finely tuned manipulative techniques to bleed him of every last cent he has. Because of the two of them, Rick no longer has a company and he has to find a job to support himself until the software program he’s created is fine tuned and saleable.

After the desert fiasco, Becky returns home to sleep away her desperate actions only to revel in an extremely erotic dream. She doesn’t have time to ponder the significance of her dream though. Real life intervenes and she has to get busy. There are interviews to conduct in order to hire a new lead bartender at ‘The Buckin’ Bronco All Male Review’ as well as the rest of the day-to-day issues of running a business.

Rick’s erotic dream involving a beautiful woman in a fire-lit circle is interrupted by a ringing telephone. His ex-wife, Tara, needs money again and being the softy Rick is, he agrees to send her a check. Thankfully he has an interview for a bartending job later that same day. Rick doesn’t need the complication of any more manipulative women in his life. He’ll be perfectly happy to keep his dream woman in his life and leave his real life uncomplicated for now. He didn’t anticipate Becky, the owner of the Buckin’ Bronco, being so very desirable or the incredible pull he feels toward her. Becky realizes that Rick is exactly the sort of man she requested of Aphrodite. Did the incantation really work? Can she possibly find real love with a man she conjured in a moment of desperation?

Nancy Lindquist’s HOW TO CONJURE A MAN is a delightful read that is sure to enchant readers. You’ll adore the witty plot, cast of fun characters and underlying sexual tension. I absolutely loved the scenes that take place inside the Buckin’ Bronco. It serves as the perfect backdrop for the passion that flares to life between Becky and Rick. This story is sure to provide readers with a rip-roaring good time and a better understanding of why "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas!" Congratulations Ms. Lindquist on a fabulous debut novel.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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