How to Hunt a Husband
By Cat Cody
Jul 23, 2003 - 3:29:00 AM

Shannon O’Malley’s mother Bridget has a bet that Shannon will get married before her arch-rival’s daughter, and nothing is going to stop her from seeing Shannon walk down the aisle first. Not even the fact that Shannon is single and happy about it.

Nate Calder has a similar problem, his mother wants him married and making grandchildren pronto. As Nate is also single and happy about it this is cause for serious nagging.When Nate and Shannon meet up, a hilarious plan is hatched. Nate will bring his new girlfriend “Roxy” the exotic dancer home to mother, and Shannon will bring her new beau “Bull” the Harley rider home for Sunday dinner. Sunday dinner will never be the same!


Holly Jacobs is at the top of her form in this hilariously funny romance. The dialogue is snappy and her characters would be right at home on “I Love Lucy.” Her love scenes skillfully combine heat and humor to make for a page turning escape. This is a delightfully funny read, and a sure pick me up.



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