How to Knit a Wild Bikini
By Sarah W
Jun 1, 2008 - 4:49:08 PM

Nikki Carmichael is a highly talented chef who is unfortunately, suffering from a really bad knee injury. It is so bad that she has to quit her job and find new employment. She has recently been hired by Malibu bachelor, Jay Buchanan, as his personal chef for a month. Nikki is a loner, always distancing herself from those around her and she plans to do the same thing with Jay and his cousin, Fern, who is staying with him for the month. Of course, the best laid plans often go awry, and in this case, Nikki’s plans are about to be blown out of the water.

Jay Buchanan has an insatiable curiosity about his new personal chef. Nikki is throwing up enough barriers to stop even the most determined of men, but Jay has plans of his own. In order to fend off his neighbor’s advances, Jay claims Nikki is his girlfriend, throwing her for a definite loop. And even though Jay has decided to swear off women, being around Nikki is making that vow next to impossible. She is intelligent, filled with a quick wit that matches Jay word for word, and whenever they touch, the temperature rises quickly. But Nikki has several secrets that she will do anything to protect. Will Jay, the consummate bachelor, find himself falling in love with a woman unable to give her heart to anyone?


HOW TO KNIT A WILD BIKINI is the first book in Christie Ridgway’s new Malibu & Ewe knitting series. Knitting and friendship are very therapeutic elements in this book. Nikki and Jay’s romance is passionate, amusing, and definitely a wild ride. Jay is a bit of a boy at heart. He runs a successful magazine, has wealth and privilege, but there is still an element of the good ‘ol boy in him. He is sexy, compassionate, and dedicated to his family. He shares many hilarious scenes with Nikki but there are plenty of emotional moments that show these two stripped down to their most raw.


Nikki is definitely closed-off from emotion at the beginning of this story, but Jay’s open and fun-loving personality wears her down, even as she tries to resist. Though she perceives herself as a loner, she soaks up the emotions Jay, Fern, and the crew of Malibu & Ewe show her. This is a woman that is searching for happiness.


HOW TO KNIT A WILD BIKINI creates a delicate balance between humor, romance, and character growth. Christie Ridgway has me hooked on this series. Jay and Nikki may not be perfect, but they are appealing reading pleasure!


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