Cowboys and Brides - How to Marry a Cowboy
By Dottie
Jul 21, 2014 - 2:56:22 PM

Mason Harper, a Texas cowboy, lost his wife when his twin daughters were only a year old. He has been raising his now nine-year-old daughters on his own with the help of nannies, when he can get them to stay. But getting a nanny to stay is the problem, thanks to his daughters’ misbehavior. The one thing his girls want more than anything though is a new mama. So when they find a strange woman on their porch dressed in a wedding gown, they are sure that their daddy has procured a mama for them. They will do whatever is necessary to get her to stay…even be on their best behavior, as impossible as that seems to anyone who knows the girls.

Annie Ross has been on the run for two years from the abusive man whom she was once engaged to. A nurse, she had obtained employment as a librarian in another small town to keep him from finding her. But when she caught a glimpse of him at the fundraiser where she was modeling wedding dresses, she knew it was time to run once more. Exhausted, she ended up sleeping on the porch of a ranch house. The next morning, Mason’s two daughters, Lily and Gabriella, saw her on the porch in her dirty, tattered wedding dress and were certain that she was their new mama, a gift from their father for their birthday. Although they were quite put out at not being allowed to attend the wedding, they planned to do everything they could to get her to stay, even behave.

Not knowing how to explain her story, Annie claims amnesia, and when Mason offers her a job as nanny, she cannot refuse. As the girls try to help her regain her memory, so she will remember marrying their daddy, they decide to call her mama-nanny. Annie falls in love with the girls and her attraction to their daddy is undeniable. As the attraction grows between Annie and Mason, she wants nothing more than to stay and become a real part of this family, but does she dare risk putting them in danger in case her nightmarish past catches up with her?

An absolute delight, HOW TO MARRY A COWBOY, the fourth book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s COWBOYS AND BRIDES series, brings the series to a close. It is an extremely witty, sexy contemporary romance that will keep readers enthralled. I absolutely loved this book and the twins and their antics were a hoot.  Their unimaginable antics will soon have you laughing out loud and the girls are a joy. I really hated for this story to end. Annie Rose’s fear of her ex-fiancé and Mason’s struggle to let go of his deceased wife and the past make any type of romance hard at the beginning, but neither expects the sparks that fly between them whenever they are together.

Brimming with heart, humor, heat and loads of love, this is a story you do not want to miss! Whenever I see the name Carolyn Brown on a book, I know I am guaranteed an excellent read and this book is no exception. This book brings to a close the COWBOYS AND BRIDES series, to my chagrin. However, I am looking forward to her new THE BURNT BOOTS series, starting in October with COWBOY BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS (COWBOY NOT INCLUDED). In addition, she has a book from her new THE PALO DURO CANYON series coming out in late August entitled LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER. If you have never tried any of Ms. Brown’s books, be sure to treat yourself to a copy of HOW TO MARRY A COWBOY. I am sure you will love it as much as I did. A Recommended Read!

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