How to Marry the Man of Your Choice
By Mammakim
Jun 1, 2005 - 8:55:00 PM

HOW TO MARRY THE MAN OF YOUR CHOICE is filled with advice on finding the man that is made for you. The twelve chapters start off with an introduction that gives you insight into the various ways to attract a wonderful guy. A few chapters are highlighted below.

Chapter two, Dresses for Sexess, gives you recommendations of dressing for your dates. A clothed body leaves more to the imagination of a male than being nude. Cleanliness is high on the list.  With advice for slacks, skirts, shirts, accessories and even hair and makeup, you can be confident that you will be dressed to snag the man that you have your eye on.


Chapter Five, Selecting the Right Man, counsels you on the interviewing process of a husband. Discover his uniqueness is my favorite. To make sure you have the same values and goals there are some great questions to weave into conversation such as "Do you prefer to live in the city or the country? Why?" Check out his personality traits by listening to his life's experiences. This chapter is very much in depth and tells you many things about making sure you catch the right man.


Chapter Twelve, Your Engagement and Wedding, tells you to get him to talk about the future. Pick out a ring together; don't let the size of the ring get in the way, this will make his love seem unimportant to him. This last chapter gives you the final checklist before marriage. A interesting piece of advice in this chapter is limiting the family interference.


Margaret Kent has put a vast amount of research together for HOW TO MARRY THE MAN OF YOUR CHOICE. It gives some terrific advice on how to pick a great man and keep him. One of the most interesting parts of the book for me is the twenty places to meet a man. Some of them are pretty common but others were very interesting. HOW TO MARRY THE MAN OF YOUR CHOICE is updated and revised just in time for the big wedding season. I recommend picking this book up for a single friend who wants to find a great guy to settle down with.

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