How to Tame a Cougar
By Noelle
Aug 18, 2009 - 9:04:29 AM

A successful woman burned by love, Shawna wasn’t looking for romance, but there was nothing wrong with a little casual flirtation. When the object of that flirtation catches her in a weak moment, suddenly things start to get much more interesting. Especially when she finds out that her new guy friend is a bit younger then she thought! Will she be able to get past their age difference and allow their relationship to develop?

Damian had been attracted to Shawna for a very long time. One evening after offering to walk her to her car, things got very interesting, but would Shawna stay around when she learns that he is almost young enough to be her son?


HOW TO TAME A COUGAR was a great story. The attraction between Shawna and Damian was red hot, even when Shawna was reluctant to act on it. The scenes where Damian is flirting with Shawna were very sensual, and even kind of funny at times. Shawna’s best friend was hilarious, and so well written that you can almost see her in your mind. All in all, HOW TO TAME A COUGAR was excellent!


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