Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel, Book 4 - How to Tame a Wild Fireman
By Dottie
Sep 23, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

After the death of her parents, Lara Nelson went to live with her Aunt Tam in Loveless, Nevada, at the Haven for Sexual and Spiritual Healing, a place her aunt owned. Due to her aunt’s place of business, which formerly housed a brothel, Lara did not fit in. Dying her blonde hair black, Lara went through a goth stage, but she found one friend, a boy who stood out because he did not fit in either. Liam is autistic and hearing impaired, and he and Lara quickly became best friends. But his older brother Patrick, whom Lara could barely tolerate, also hung around with them. The two brothers were very close and Patrick always looked out for his younger brother. As they got older, Lara found that just being around Patrick stirred strange feelings within her.

On a night out, Patrick Callahan, with his brother Liam and Liam’s friend Lara, was celebrating before he had to return to Princeton. Patrick had always looked out for Liam, but on this night, an accident landed Liam in the hospital. Their father, a former governor, kicked Patrick out, cutting him off and ending his time at Princeton. Now, ten years later, Patrick is a fireman at the San Gabriel Fire Station, where supposedly his wild exploits have gained him the name Psycho. The firefighters of San Gabriel have quite a reputation for their hunky looks and it is believed that since the majority of them are bachelors, there is a curse on the firemen, preventing them from having lasting relationships. On his own time, Patrick has taken additional courses other than those required and is highly qualified. It is these qualifications, as well as his captain’s need to punish him for his latest escapade, that gets Patrick sent off to fight wild fires in his old hometown of Loveless, Nevada.

Lara had been angry with Patrick after the accident, but mainly because he had left Liam behind. Now ten years later, she is a doctor in her residency at a hospital in San Diego. Recently, her Aunt Tam passed away after traveling and unsuccessfully seeking a cure for her condition. She left Lara her business, so Lara travels back to her hometown, planning to sell the Haven and return to San Diego. But being around the goddesses, the women who had worked for her aunt, she has second thoughts about selling. This place is home for these women, so she has to think about her next steps. While at the Haven, she accompanies the goddesses when they go out into the field to offer massages to the hardworking firefighters. Offering her medical expertise, she is soon ensconced in helping to deal with the injured. Seeing a fireman with an animal over his shoulders, she discovers that Patrick has also returned to Loveless and is now a fireman. He had just saved a llama from the raging fire, a llama which seems to be devoted to him.

Seeing him again, Lara can no longer deny her attraction to him. As things turn heated, she begins to understand the fuss everyone at the Haven has made about sex. But not everyone in town is happy with the women of the Haven and Patrick’s father is the main one. He detests Lara and the goddesses, and will do whatever it takes to run them out of town.

As they work together, Patrick realizes that he is in love with Lara, and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. He is used to his father’s nearly insane actions and refuses to live his life according to his father’s rules, but can he convince Lara to give them a chance at forever? Or will the curse of San Gabriel strike once more?

A feel-good, sexy tale, HOW TO TAME A WILD FIREMAN, the fourth book in author Jennifer Bernard’s BACHELOR FIREMAN OF SAN GABRIEL series, is a scorching hot contemporary romance that will keep readers up late into the night, eager to see how everything turns out. Take it from me; it is well worth the loss of sleep! In addition to the delicious romance between Patrick and Lara, there is Captain Brody and his increasingly anxious behavior as he awaits the onset of his wife’s labor and the birth of their child.

In Ms. Bernard’s firemen series, she never underestimates the dangers of wildfires, allowing readers to almost feel the heat of the raging fires as the firemen bravely struggle to overcome them. The clever dialogue, engaging characters, understanding, forgiveness, healing, sensuality, tender romance and forever love bring the story to vivid life and will leave readers longing for a fireman of their own. Since I read the first book in this series, Ms. Bernard’s books have been a constant on my list of must reads. This is a beautifully written story that also delves into deafness, autism and a family affected by them. As I await the next exciting release in this series, be sure to pick up a copy of HOW TO TAME A WILD FIREMAN. I am sure that, like me, you will be glad you did!

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