Hung Up on You
By Cat Cody
Nov 18, 2003 - 4:35:00 PM

Adrienne Kelly had the perfect life.  She was engaged to a surgeon, had just finished her master’s thesis and had it published almost immediately, and was going to be starting a job with a prestigious institute in two weeks.  Everything was coming up roses for her, until she was stabbed by a stubborn thorn, in the person of one Simon Masterson.  Suddenly her name is in the tabloids, her employer no longer has funding for her position and her fiancé wants to take a “break” until she can get her life back under control.  To add to the chaos, Ari’s grandmother decides to run away from her retirement home and move in with her until she can find a new place to stay.  Ari’s almost afraid to ask what else can go wrong when her mother arrives on her doorstep, suitcase in hand.

Simon Masterson has his life just the way he likes it.  His new answering system, Cindy, is almost ready for her debut, and will revolutionize the phone maze industry.  When he sees the tabloid article about phone systems causing stress, he blows it off as so much trash.  Until suddenly reputable magazines are calling him about it as well.  He needs Ari Kelly to do a new study, a study on Cindy, and do it fast.  The only problem is, his first attempt to do damage control with Ari resulted in an even bigger mess, and he was sure she wouldn’t listen to reason now.  For that matter, neither would his libido, which was too busy thinking about Ari’s cute little body to concentrate on getting his life back on track.


Ari and Simon make a plan to save Simon’s company, Ari’s chaotic life, and purge a little mutual attraction all at the same time.  Ari soon realizes that Simon is a lot more than just a temporary, rebound relationship, but what if she wants more and he doesn’t?  Simon loves the freedom his relationship with Ari gives him, low maintenance, and hot lust.  Too bad it is over once her life is back on track.  Can these two strong willed people figure out what is really important to them before it is too late?


Holly Jacobs writes a fabulously funny tale that will leave you laughing out loud.  Ms. Jacobs brings her characters into your heart with their quirks and charm.  Her secondary characters can be found in almost any family, including my own, which makes the situations they encounter even funnier.  This is the first Flipside book I’ve had the pleasure of reading, but after this taste, I will be sure to seek out many more.  HUNG UP ON YOU is a sure fire way to escape the winter blues. 

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