Husbands and Wives 1: Par Three

Author: Anne Douglas

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Emma and Aaron Howell have been married for over twenty years. Their children are grown and now that they are out of the house, Emma was hoping for a bit more intimacy from her husband. Aaron has always been a workaholic, but since their children flew the coop he seems to work more instead of less. He is gone so much that Emma is beginning to think he is having an affair. She doesn’t know how to approach Aaron with her thoughts but when he is late for a party he asked her to plan, Emma is unable to contain her anger any longer.

Aaron knows he works too much. He also knows that in order to continue to keep up the lifestyle to which Emma is accustomed, he has no choice. In addition, the concept of delegating is foreign to him. Other things are wrong as well – Aaron sees that. Emma has been drifting away from him and he thinks she is having an affair. He sees the way she looks at other men, especially one of their neighbors. Enough is enough when at a barbeque Emma is seen with the man in question and Aaron can’t help but let his feelings known.


Emma and Aaron come clean with their wants and needs. They know their marriage is not as young and as bright as it used to be. Yes, they both think it could use a bit of intense magic. That’s where Silas comes in.


Like so many marriages, Emma and Aaron’s had become overrun with duties and work and children. They never took time for themselves and they almost lost the two most important people in their marriage – themselves. I found Aaron’s solution to their sexual dilemma extreme, yet very sensuous. Emma’s love for Aaron was unconditional and her handling of Silas was sexy to say the least. I love how they were able to bring their marriage back from the brink of almost splitting up to becoming the marriage of which they’d always dreamed.  


HUSBANDS AND WIVES 1: PAR THREE released from Loose Id on February 12, 2008 . I found the ménage and love story refreshing and well written. I cheered Aaron and Emma on from the sidelines and wasn’t disappointed. Anne Douglas continues to be on my “authors to buy” radar and I look forward to every new book she releases.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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