Hysterical Blondeness
By Ann
Aug 7, 2006 - 9:55:00 AM

Patricia Stillwell and her best friend Pinky work at Nordquist Department Store.  Each day, Patricia drools over the owner’s son, Brett as he makes his way around the store.  No way will Brett notice a brown-haired, slightly round mousy employee working at the catalogue department when he can have the sexy, blonde counter girl, Lizbeth.  So Patricia decides to enter a study for a diet pill that is supposed to make her lose ten pounds in a week. But there is an unexpected side effect:  she becomes a blonde literally overnight.  Not only did she lose the weight but suddenly Patricia finds herself garnering attention not only from Brett but also her landlord/coworker, Paul.  What’s a girl to do but enjoy the ride?

Paul has always thought of Patricia as a friend.  Besides being her landlord, they hang out together both on and off work.  Now that she is a blonde, Paul is starting to notice her as a “potential” and not as a pal.  He will try his hardest to make her see that Brett is totally wrong for her.  He just has to figure out how.


HYSTERICAL BLONDENESS is a sharp tale of literally changing into someone new overnight.  Patricia is tired of being in the shadows so she decides to participate in the diet pill study.  She figures it will help her get closer to her goal.  When she wakes up a changed woman, it was like her IQ dropped as well.  Almost like a clichéd blonde, she seemed to forget about Pinky and Paul.  However, I think she was just overwhelmed by everything.  For the first time, she the one who was garnering all the attention and she just wanted to enjoy everything.  She might have lost herself but I believe she had enough common sense as well as good friends to realize what was important to her before it was too late.


Paul was always the friend you wouldn’t date.  He is such a great, level-headed guy.  Yet he is an anchor of strength whenever Patricia needs him.  The little things he does are so endearing if only Patricia could look at him as more than a friend.  Pinky is a great friend and the voice of reason in this crazy, mixed-up situation.  She helps keep the sanity in all of this craziness.  HYSTERICAL BLONDENESS made me feel like being a blonde is harder than it looks.

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