Unfinished Business: Single Father Series

Author: Inglath Cooper

Publisher: Harlequin Super Romance

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Addy walks in on her husband of eleven years and his very pregnant girlfriend in her bed. This she cannot forgive, since she had always wanted children, but he wasn't ready for them. Addy, a corporate lawyer tries to work through the pain by working endless hours. On a trip to New York, she happens to meet up with an old friend, Culley Rutherford, she hasn't seen in years, from back home in Harper Mills, Virginia. Their mothers had been best friends all their lives, and hoped they would someday marry. Addy and Culley had been also been best friends, all through their childhood until she had married Mark, Culley's best friend. Things slowly changed and they lost touch. Addy, feeling very depressed and sorry for herself, as this was her first official day as a divorced woman, welcomed the feelings being with Culley brought back to the surface. They had always been there, but she had been determined never to become involved a guy who had dated half their school in alphabetical order. She wanted a committed man for a husband, not someone like her father who had left when she was eleven.

Culley, a single father with a seven-year-old daughter, was now a doctor in their small hometown. He is in New York for a convention and to catch up with his old medical friends. Culley was shocked that the woman he and his friends had been assessing with clinical horniness was Addy. He was not the same person he use to be, he lives with the constant guilt of having not been able to help his ex-wife, and the tragic disaster his daughter had endured because of it. Seeing Addy again was like turning back the clock, but now he could finally go after what he had always wanted-Addy!

UNFINISHED BUSINESS, a delightful, romantic story of best friends discovering each other again as adults, with all the baggage they have acquired over the years. They must both deal with their pasts, and the consequences of their decisions. A well-written story with realistic and very human characters, who have to let go of their mistakes and move on, to be able to have any kind of future.

Ms. Cooper has penned a melodious romantic tale. The reader is pulled into the emotions and pain each character must deal with; and maybe, leave this story a little nostalgic for the days when there were best friends like these two characters. I recommend this story for anyone who enjoys a wonderful romance story, which will carry you away into the world of good friends who become more, so much more...

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandra Tibbetts

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