Dirty Laundry, Book 3 - Coming Clean

Author: Inez Kelley

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: August 30, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Grant and Vivi Michaelson’s ten year long marriage is still going strong.  The love, trust and commitment they share is only the beginning of the key to their success at longevity – they also share their sexual fantasies and indulge them whenever possible.  The acknowledgement of their fantasies involving Grant’s oldest and dearest friend Cade has them both on edge and more than a little concerned about what the future holds for them.

Cade Lorens treasures the friendship he has with Grant and Vivi.  Without question they’ve always been his emotional support and he was especially grateful to have them in his corner during his nasty divorce.  Though he’s openly bi-sexual, Cade has closely guarded his intense attraction to both Grant and Vivi.  He doesn’t want to do anything to hurt their marriage or ruin the friendship between the three of them, but it’s getting harder and harder to hide his feelings for them.


Grant and Vivi have already confessed their deep dark fantasies about Cade to each other but approaching the possibilities with Cade is a daunting task.  With the annual trip to the lake coming up it’s the perfect time to explore their fantasy, but Grant’s stumped on how to ask his best friend to sleep with his wife.  It’s a question made even more complicated because of his desires for Cade.  Grant’s not gay or even bi; he’s Cade-curious and it’s a desire that he’s long kept secret. 


Vivi provides plenty of opportunities for Grant to broach the subject of having a threesome with Cade during the course of their pre trip barbecue but Grant isn’t comfortable having this discussion with Cade in front of her.  It isn’t until the washer breaks down leaving a pile of clothes sopping wet thus forcing Vivi to use the washer at Cade’s house that the men are alone and fixing the washer isn’t the only thing they have on their minds. 


Vivi, Grant and Cade have always shared a special relationship but entering into a threesome – even if it’s only temporary can change everything.  Are they prepared to face the consequences acting on their fantasies are sure to bring? 


Think the chore of doing laundry is boring and tedious?  Well, Inez Kelley may just have you rethinking that impression… ok, so maybe not washing, drying and folding but there’s a lot of time spent waiting for each step to be completed and that means there’s time for other more pleasurable activities.  With COMING CLEAN readers are introduced to a couple who harbor secret fantasies about a close friend and make the decision to act on those desires.  Fear, excitement and nervousness mix with a bit of jealousy and insecurity for a story that will touch readers’ hearts as they put themselves in the positions of each of the characters.  I’m extremely impressed with Ms. Kelley’s writing and her ability to draw out the characters’ emotions – especially when the situation could become volatile.


While COMING CLEAN can easily be read as a stand alone, there are two other stories in the DIRTY LAUNDRY series.  You might want to check them out.  Who knows, the spin cycle and all that hot steamy air from the dryer just might provide a few naughty fantasies of your own.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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