Author: Callista Fox

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: 8th Jan 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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If you’ve ever wanted to flaunt your defiance to the whole world - or just your cold, uncaring family,
you’d want to do it as publicly as possible, and appear as anything but the whipped dog everyone is expecting to see.  Fiona has decided it’s high time she stopped being the dutiful daughter and became a woman in her own right.  The first step is to go to a party she’s dreading, but on her own terms.


Fiona Carlyle has the misfortune to belong to the kind of family that is more interested in its social standing than its individual members.  A lawyer by profession, Fiona has always played by the rules, and never managed to get the approval from her family that she craved.  Now just this once, she intends to show her family that she’s not moping over her unfaithful fiancé’s betrayal.  No, she’s going to attend her sister’s engagement party, the sister now engaged to her former fiancé.  Fiona intends to show them that she’s no longer playing by anyone’s rules but her own.


She’s surprised that sexy photographer Michael is only too happy to take up where they left off.  He was her rebound sex, after her break up.  Fiona knew that the brief affair was exactly what she needed when her heart was broken, but that Michael, a man who has had more women than most men have had hot dinners, wasn’t someone she could hold onto long-term.  So she broke it off before he could.  The trouble is that Michael didn’t want to end things, and as a condition for accompanying her to the dreaded engagement party, he wants her to give him a chance – with her heart.


This is a sexy, sweet and very enjoyable book.  I enjoyed the way that Michael became far more than the trophy boyfriend, and was open about his feelings for Fiona.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudette

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