Domestic Equalizers, Book 7 - I Can't Make You Love Me But I Can Make You Leave
By Dottie
Jun 15, 2011 - 7:10:15 PM

Darla Denman, the former Queen of Country Music, is older now and has not toured in years. With Big Bob Denman, her manager and ex-husband, his second wife Roxie and Darla’s band, Darla is traveling to a charity engagement in Midland, Texas on an old rattletrap bus. Although Darla still has feelings for her ex-husband, she knows it is her fault that they are no longer together. During the height of her fame, she had started cheating on him. His new wife also sings and is much younger than they are. On this trip, Roxie is her opening act. But Roxie has an attitude and no one can get along with her. In fact, if she were to leave, no one would miss her. As they traveled, their bus broke down just outside of Salt Lick, Texas. Although Darla is from Texas, she has never heard of that town before.

Bob Denman also still has feelings for Darla. However, he is kept busy trying to settle the arguments between Darla and Roxie. Although Roxie does not know it, he is aware that she is cheating on him. With little money, they were not prepared for the bus to break down, so it was up to him to let the backup singers and the others know that they would not be paid until after the next event. But before he has a chance to break the news, Roxie tells them and not in a good way. By the time Bob finds out what she has done, the backup singers have already cut their losses and left with a passing truck driver.

In Salt Lick, Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins-Martin own and operate a beauty parlor. They also moonlight by running a private detective business known as Domestic Equalizers and have successfully solved many cases. Their motto is: Don’t get mad, get evidence. Edwina is one of Darla’s biggest fans and is riotously overjoyed to meet her favorite country music star. When Darla approaches them and asks them to be her backup singers for the charity event, there is no way Edwina will let her down and she is determined to take Debbie with her, even if she is kicking and screaming all the way. Although neither one of the women can carry a note, they will only need to lip sync to recorded music. The two also come to the aid of the country music group in other ways. They loan them a house to stay in and a truck to drive temporarily.

Everything went fine at the rehearsal in Midland, the only rehearsal they would have time for. But when Roxie turns up dead in her small dressing room from being stabbed to death with her nail file, everyone looks at Darla as the guilty party, especially after she confesses. However, Debbie Sue and Edwina are certain that Darla did not kill Roxie, though they are not sure why she confessed to a crime she did not commit. Once more the Domestic Equalizers will have to step forward and find the real killer. Why would Darla confess to a crime she did not commit? Can the duo save their favorite singer?

A delightfully zany read, I CAN’T MAKE YOU LOVE ME, BUT I CAN MAKE YOU LEAVE is a humorous and mysterious contemporary romance. I do not advise that you start reading this book at night because it will keep you up reading until you arrive at the very satisfying conclusion. With down home logic, an engaging, madcap pair of detectives, well-drawn characters, deception, mystery and fast-paced action, this story is a joy and definitely a keeper. Used to wearing boots all the time, Debbie Sue’s venture as a backup singer will require her to wear red high heels. The results will have you laughing out loud. This story can be read as a standalone, but for even more enjoyment, be sure to get the whole series. The two sisters who jointly write under the pseudonym Dixie Cash have penned a winner with this laugh-out-loud, entertaining tale. Do not miss it!

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