I Did (But I Wouldn't Now)

Author: Cara Lockwood

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: May 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Lily Crandell, the soon to be ex-Mrs. Ted Dayton, is leaving the United States for some much needed comfort in London. Her ex-boyfriend, and now best friend, Carter Henry offers to let her stay in his London pad and she gladly accepts, eager to be away from the rumors and scandals surrounding her name. Ted Dayton, lead singer of the Dayton Five, was caught in a clinch with a famous and beautiful movie star. Now that Ted has found a new woman, Lily finds herself on the outs with the press and glamorous lifestyle she was so enamored with before. In London, Lily is determined to lick her wounds and recover from her ignominious marriage to Ted Dayton.

But London proves to hold challenges of its own, including trying to save Carter from a psycho girlfriend, trying to get back her passport, learning to communicate with Carter's Scottish roommate, and dealing with yet another famously infamous celebrity. All Lily wants is to spend some quality time with Carter, but it seems life has other plans for her. Will she ever get it all worked out? Will she get over Ted? When will Lily's life be her own again?

I DID (BUT I WOULDN'T NOW) is the sequel to Cara Lockwood's I DO (BUT I DON'T). This time it's younger sister Lily Crandell who takes center stage, and what a hoot she is. Lily has a definite mean streak that she plays up again and again in various pranks against Ted. However, Lily has an honest opinion about herself and though she is working hard to figure out where she wants the future to go, she's still a bit of the immature woman that married and supported Ted Dayton. Insightful life revelations mixed in with amusing and heart-wrenching flashbacks into Lily's married life provide the reader with plenty of perception into Lily's character. Cara Lockwood has penned a charming tale that uses humor to tackle the serious matters of life. You'll cheer on Lily and her new friends as she attempts to gain back respect and love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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