I Gave You My Heart, But You Sold It Online
By Dottie
Oct 8, 2007 - 3:29:37 PM

Quint Matthews, a former ProRodeo star, has a problem with identity theft. While on a date with Monica Hunter whom he met online, she suddenly disappears. Then new charges start showing up on his credit card. Determining that Monica is the one attempting to steal his identity, he tries to find her. His old flame, Debra Sue, whom he lost to her present husband, Buddy, and her partner, Edwina, run Domestic Equalizers. So, needing help in locating Monica, he contacts them. With the Domestic Equalizers working on his case, Quint has time to hook up with his latest online match.

Allison Barker, a single mother with a pre-teen daughter, Jill, works endlessly in her mother’s dress shop, All the Rage, leaving little time for a social life. So Jill takes matters into her own hands. Posing as Allison on an online dating service, Jill puts information about her mother – mostly false, on the website in the hopes of finding a date for her mom. When Quint Matthews’ name comes up, she has little time to prepare her oblivious mom before he arrives. Unfortunately, after going to all that trouble, it seems that every time Allison goes out with Quint, she ends up being brought home by his good friend, Tag Freeman, another rodeo celebrity. However, it soon becomes evident that Quint has more to worry about than online dates and identity theft. Will the Domestic Equalizers solve his case before it is too late? Will he have a chance to work things out with Allison or is Tag the man in whom she is really interested?  


I thoroughly enjoyed reading I GAVE YOU MY HEART, BUT YOU SOLD IT ONLINE. As the reader can ascertain from the title, this book is filled with sassy humor as well as romance and mystery. The secondary characters are unique and add charm to the story. I highly recommend I GAVE YOU MY HEART, BUT YOU SOLD IT ONLINE.  I look forward to reading other books by Dixie Cash.

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