I Know Who You Did Last Summer

Author: Eve Vaughn

Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: September 30, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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As an advertising executive, Patricia Guevara is in charge at work. With rumors circulating that she slept her way to her position, she?s had to take on an Ice Princess attitude. Since last summer, she?s discovered an interest in BDSM that she?s determined to keep hidden deep inside herself and not let anybody know about. Despite her intentions, one of her coworkers knows who she did last summer.

Clint Donovan has been a Dom for many years. Having witnessed her fascination with the BDSM scene last summer, he?s determined to have her for his own. Patricia?s his boss which complicates things a little bit but he?s seen the interest in the Ice Princess?s eyes and is determined to find the fiery woman beneath the icy exterior.

Patricia can?t believe the gall of whoever sent her the latest note. Determined to find out who keeps sending them and stop any further harassment, she follows the note?s instructions and goes to the Steam Engine, a known fetish club. Encountering Clint sends shock waves through her system. She?s unbelievably attracted to him but can?t comprehend why he?s there, until he tells her that he sent her the notes. Clint convinces her to sit down and have a drink with him so they can talk. While they?re talking, Clint mentions the club he?d seen her in last summer called Bound. Her first venture into the BDSM lifestyle didn?t turn out well and she?s not sure she wants to make another attempt despite her attraction to it. Gently, Clint talks her into giving it another try, with him this time. She knows instinctively that Clint is different from Scott, but that doesn?t stop her fears. Clint is very good at persuasion and soon, they have a contract between them and Patricia ends up waiting by the phone in nothing more than a pair of black lace thongs and stilettos waiting for her Master to call. Having her dead beat brother call to ask for money while she?s so highly aroused angers her and after hanging up on him twice, when the phone rings a third time, she answers it rudely. Clint had specific instructions on how she is to answer the phone for him. She?s just earned her first punishment.

I KNOW WHO YOU DID LAST SUMMER is a scorcher of a story. Patricia is so spicy in her attitude, needs, and desires. She?s no doormat but even strong women long for control and decision making to be somebody else?s responsibility for a while. Clint desires nothing more that to be her Master in the bedroom, or anyplace else he chooses for their romantic interlude. Each of the interludes are very hot and if you have any sort of imagination will leave you panting for more. Eve Vaughn?s writing makes the characters feel very real - flaws and all. You?re left with a feeling that you know both Clint and Patricia and want to cry as well as smile with them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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