I Love Rogues
By Gloria Trout
Jan 22, 2004 - 3:37:00 AM

This anthology includes three delicious rogues, each different but delightfully sexy.

The first story, ZULEIKA AND THE BARBARIAN by Bertrice Small, is told by Fatimah, a storyteller by trade. He tells us a story about an ancient kingdom known as Dariyabar and swears by all the gods known and unknown that it is true.  Dariyabar was ruled by a sultan with three strong sons and a beautiful daughter called Zuleika.


Dariyabar was under siege for three years by the barbarian rogue Amir Khan. Each of the three sons of the sultan has been killed as they led their armies against Amir Khan. The sultan is dying, leaving Zuleika's greedy cousin, Haroun, as next in line to be sultan. Haroun plans to give Zuleika to Amir Khan for his harem hoping he will quit his assault on the city. Zuleika wants to save her beloved kingdom and decides to take things into her own hands. What follows is an exciting mix of sensual scenes, magic, intrigue, genies and pleasure.


As usual, Beatrice Small has written a compelling story that holds the readers attention completely from the first word to the last. She is a superb author and I, along with many others, will be reading every word she writes.


The second story is ALL THE SECRET PLEASURES by Thea Devine. It is about Lady Corinna Woodholme, her family wanted her to marry the neighbor's son and her playmate, Simon Charlesworth. But she breaks his heart and marries Woodholme, an earl. Unfortunately during their second summer he dies, leaving her a grieving but wealthy widow. However, she learned to love, yes, even crave sex during the marriage. After spending several years in France and experimenting with the field of eligible bachelors who tried to keep her satisfied sexually, she became bored and decided to move to London.


With her reputation preceding her, the invitations came quickly and soon she was the talk of the town. But she decided to dally and discard, and to never become so attached to a man that she gave away her heart or her fortune.


It was inevitable that she would bump into Simon Charlesworth. Simon is now quite striking, really elegant and refined; and also has let it be known that he is searching for a bride.


Corinna is intrigued by him, even more so when he makes no attempt to further their relationship. The reader will be shocked and amazed at the twists and turns that follow, and will find it a delightful read.


The third story is THE BEDROOM IS MINE by Jane Bonander. This story is about Ross Benedict, a confirmed bachelor and his sister Samantha, a meddling matchmaker. Samantha is sure that Ross can never be completely happy until he finds someone to love and marry. And Ross has vowed to never allow Sam to set him up again with a woman. Of course this doesn't stop Sam from trying and when she found the homeless widow, Lily Sawyer, she decides to offer her a cabin to live, in exchange for cooking for the miners. Of course, she fails to tell her that the cabin is home to Ross who is away but due to return within a few days. When Ross arrives home to find this beautiful redhead in his bed he is furious, assuming correctly that Sam has tried to set him up once more. And Lily is furious, too, as she thought the cabin was hers to use.


The sparks start flying and never stop until the end of the story.  Differing emotions run wild as Sam and Lily are thrust together, not by choice, but by necessity. This is where the story heats up and leaves the reader amazed at the twists and turns in their lives.


I enjoyed learning about Lily and Ross, and am pleased to recommend it to other readers.


This book, I LOVE ROGUES, has a lot going for it. Three excellent authors, all who tell a compelling story. Each one is different but all contain a very exciting rogue and an interesting heroine. I recommend buying it, it will be money well spent.

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