I Never Fancied Him Anyway

Author: Claudia Carroll

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: September 22, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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From the time she was a small girl, Cassie has been hit with visions. Her “flashes” aren’t something that happens on command, nor are they always good news, but she’s never been wrong. Now at twenty-eight, Cassie has made a career helping others by using her physic gift. She’s a successful columnist for Tattle Magazine in Dublin, Ireland, answering questions from her readers, mostly on the topic of love. The irony of this is that she’s not really been too successful in the love department in her own life. At least she has great friends. Environmentalist Jo, hi-end glam gal Charlene, and Marc with a C all seem to balance out each other and are a big part of Cassie’s life.

When Charlene hooks up with TV producer Jack, she lands Cassie a spot on Breakfast Club, a popular A.M. talk show. Although she’s a bundle of nerves in the beginning, Cassie soon warms up to her new role. Things would be superb if she hadn’t gotten a vision of Jack. Now she can’t shake the feeling that he could be her Mr. Right. Not only does he throw her emotions off, but her visions go out like a light as well whenever he is near. This proves to be a tricky situation for Cassie in more ways than one.



Even without her physic gift, one thing is clear to Cassie. Ever since Jack was introduced into her life, things have been topsy-turvy. Trying to avoid him while at the station for a shoot so as not to get vision blockage is hard enough. Struggling to remain loyal to her friend who appears to be pinning more on a relationship with Jack than actually exists is almost torture. In her upside down life, Cassie will have to come to a decision that could mean losing a best friend or losing out on love.



I NEVER FANCIED HIM ANYWAY is an airy chick lit/women’s fiction with a bit of reality romance thrown in. The original angle of featuring a psychic was brilliant and I give Claudia Carroll props for creating this zany piece of fun. Her quirky characters and the yin-yang type friendship the heroine has going on with her comrades just makes this story all the more likable.  From the hi-maintenance to the go green, this touches on both ends of the personality spectrum. This is a whimsical read that is sure to put a smile or two on your face.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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