I Only Have Eyes For You - The Sullivans
By Chris Mead
Oct 5, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Sophie Sullivan has always been referred to as the “nice” twin sister.  Quiet and studious, Sophie has always preferred the escape of books to that of the real world.  Ever since she was five years old she has harbored a secret crush on her brother’s best-friend, Jake McCann, but she feels like Jake does not even notice her.  Not to mention the fact that her older brothers would have a fit if Jake were to take an interest in her.

Sophie’s brother Chase is about to be married to his fiancé Chloe and both she and Jake are a part of the wedding party.  Sophie decides that she wants to play up her assets in order to get Jake’s attention, so she lets a stylist give her a make-over.  When Jake gets a look at Sophie, he is speechless.  Gone is the nice-girl look, replaced with a glamorous woman who Jake can’t take his eyes off of.

To avoid Sophie at the wedding reception, Jake decides to serve drinks in order to stay as far away from her as possible.  But Sophie is bound and determined not to be ignored, so she proceeds to help Jake mix cocktails.  When one of the wedding attendees openly flirts with Sophie, Jake gets insanely jealous and demands that Sophie must stay away from him.  When the two step outside to discuss the matter, they end up sharing a passionate kiss.  Can these two lifelong friends possibly cope with a chance at love?

Sophie works as a librarian and has always lived a sedate lifestyle.  I love how Jake brings the wild side of Sophie out.  Jake doesn’t feel worthy of Sophie’s love.  He grew up in an abusive environment and has low self-esteem.  Jake is also keeping a secret from Sophie that he fears may destroy their relationship.  The chemistry between these two characters is so hot it threatens to combust.

I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU will pull you in and hold you captivated as you read along.  Bella Andre writes characters who you will not be able to forget.  Once you have read one SULLIVAN story you will want to get your hands on all of the books in the series. For an addictive, passionate,
soul-stirring romance give Bella Andre a try!

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