I Take This Man
By Michele
Mar 20, 2007 - 3:08:00 PM

Penny Bracket is ready and waiting to be married. Unexpectedly, a note is delivered to her in the bridal room. The note is from Bram Shiraz, her intended groom, stating that he can not go through with the wedding nuptials. Penny is utterly shocked. How can Bram do this to her? Why did Bram abruptly change his mind?

In comes Ester, Penny's divorced mom, to console her daughter. Ester is seething with rage at the inconsiderate actions of Bram. How dare he leave her daughter on this special day! Ester finds Bram in his room while he is preparing to leave. Ester is boiling with so much anger towards Bram's thoughtless behavior, that Ester knocks Bram unconscious and secretly whisks him away from the hotel and hides him.

Keith Shiraz, Bram's attractive, widowed father, is astounded that his son would do such a thing. Keith wants to talk to his son about what happened but can not find Bram anywhere. Will Keith find his son? Will Keith charm Ester and discover romance along the way? In addition, will Bram, who is handsome, skillful, and ashamed, escape from his padlocked room?

I TAKE THIS MAN is an entertaining portrait of relationship hang-ups, vengeance and one missing groom. Valerie Frankel scores again with a humorous story that had me laughing until my sides hurt. Penny and Bram are a misguided couple that need help in finding their true feelings for one another. Keith and Ester search together to find Bram, even when Ester knows where Bram is hidden. The skewed relationships of all the main characters, Penny, Bram, Ester and Keith are so immensely appealing in depth and characterization. I absolutely adored the antics in this story. Frankel wonderfully explores family relationships with incredible insight, humor, and compassion. Readers will find this a zinger of a story that is a pleasure to read.

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