I'll be Home for Christmas

Author: Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Mulvany, Julie Leto, Roxanne St. Claire

Publisher: Pocket Books

Release Date: October 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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When Sarah arrives in town, widower Joe Courtland shows up in his van to pick her up, because her Aunt Delores has broken her ankle.  Joe brings his twin boys, Sam and Ryan and their pet dog, Dodger.  There are sparks between them, but Sarah and Joe refuse to acknowledge them.  Will they end up being one big happy family?  What will happen to Aunt Delores?  Will Sarah leave town?  Does Marlie’s Real Mother come to get her?

ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS by Catherine Mulvany is the second story in the book and it’s about family dreams.  Hailey Miller has a crush on handsome jock twin Kennedy MacCormick. Studious twin Thomas MacCormick, is at an academy and he ain’t bad looking either even though they are not identical twins. Hailey and her mom, Sarah, the housekeeper moved in with the MacCormick’s’ six years ago.  John “Mac” MacCormick is the dad to the twins, and over the years, he and Sarah dated.


Hailey believes in fairy tales and writes them frequently, not letting anyone know, except Thomas when he came home for Christmas.  Thomas knows Hailey has a crush on Kennedy but that does not stop him from having a crush on Hailey. These are not brother-sister feelings either.  What will happen with this triangle? Will Mac and Sarah marry?  Will Hailey love either of the brothers?   What about the family curse?


Kennedy becomes an actor, and Thomas becomes a network correspondent.  Will they return home for Christmas? Do you believe in intervention?


MELTDOWN by Julie Leto was the steamiest story of the four. MELTDOWN had explicit words and sex, lots of sex.  This is definitely a read for adults only.


Simon Brennan, CEO of Making Moms Foundation, lusts after his public relations manager, Isabel Ruiz.  She was asked to improve his image, as he frowns quite a bit and he comes across as stiff and scaring their clients.  Isabel is requested to loosen him up a bit. 


Isabel Ruiz is up for any challenge and agrees to help make her boss more receptive to the clients.  She will even exercise with him at his health club, if it will help.  Of course, this is way beyond her job performance, having to look at him in shorts, all sweaty and gorgeous.


Isabel goes on a vacation to Mexico with her sister and is given a mask that is supposed to have magic powers.   Does Isabel believe in this? Is Isabel up for the job of changing Simon? Will she be able to help Simon, or does she help herself?  Why is Simon CEO of Making Moms Foundation?  I think you will be surprised to find the answer.


YOU CAN COUNT ON ME by Roxanne St. Claire is the final story in this anthology and includes mystery and lust. 


Raquel Durant has trained to be a body guard in New York City at Bullet Catchers for over three years and is given her first assignment to guard the eight-year old daughter, Kristina, of a Russian investor, Grigori (Gregg) Nyekovic.  She has talked with him on the telephone and is quite impressed with his background as KGB, but as she leaves for her assignment, her boss, Lucy warns her to keep track of the daughter and to leave the father alone. Remember to listen.


Gregg is in New York and has a bid in for a Faberge’ egg he has at his apartment.  When Raquel is given money to take Kristina shopping, Gregg discovers that the egg is missing. After shopping at the American Girl doll store, and buying a doll, Kristina’s doll and little purse are stolen.  Kristina was upset about the purse being gone and her father finding out.  Naturally, with Kristina being so upset, Raquel thinks Gregg could be a child abuser but, Kristina had put the Faberge’ egg in her shoulder bag because she thought it to be a tree ornament.  An egg for which Gregg has bid five million dollars. Who would suspect a child would be carrying such a valuable egg in her little purse?  How does Raquel feel about this on her first day as a bodyguard?  Does Gregg try to take the blame? Who would do this to Gregg?


I was sitting in a restaurant reading CHRISTMAS OF THE RED CHIEFS and the tears were flowing.  A lady came over and wanted to know if I were all right.  I told her “I am reading the most wonderful Christmas story and these are happy tears”.  I have been a fan of Linda Lael Miller for over ten years and I think I have read everything she has written.  I love the way she writes.



I have not read Catherine Mulvany before but I can tell you I will be looking for her writing again after reading ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS. She made me believe in the afterlife.  Thank you, Catherine




I think I have read everything that Julie Leto has written and MELTDOWN…well the title says it all.  It is absolutely wonderful.  I loved Simon’s mother, Jeanette and wish there was a complete story on her.  Julie, you’ve got magic here.




I did not want YOU CAN COUNT ON ME to end.  It was very exciting all the way through and I would definitely trust a Bullet Catcher. This made me cry when the doll was stolen from Kristina, and my heart race when Gregg and Raquel enjoyed the limo ride. I have read several of Roxanne St. Claire’s books before and will definitely continue to read her books, but I do need to catch up on the rest of The Bullet Catchers series.  I love the way Roxanne writes.




I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS anthology from four of the top romance writers is refreshing during these 90 degree days.  This was much more than I expected and I am proud to review this. I laughed, I cried and I had thoughts of contacting distant family members.  Each woman put forth an effort that made me believe in home and hearth and happy holidays. This book is definitely a keeper to be read each year around the holidays, if not sooner.  Thank you, ladies.  This will become a classic.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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