I'll be Seeing U

Author: Dianne Castell

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: November 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Quaid O’Fallon was adopted by Rory O’Fallon and has made his life in the United States Coast Guard. No one dared say he was not a birth O’Fallon.  When he was told of Mimi’s disappearance, he left Kodiak, Alaska and the Coast Guard and returned to O’Fallon’s Landing.  Quaid happened to return home in a monsoon, and rescued Cynthia Landon James from walking home by throwing her over his shoulder.  Of course, she complained but he was turned on because he has wanted this woman since he was fifteen, and she was twenty two.  Can he contain his sexual attraction?  Will the bad boy and the good girl mesh? 

General Grant’s ghost darted across the road in front of Cynthia’s car and she slid into a ditch. Cynthia Landon was very annoyed coming home in a fourteen-year old station wagon.  She was a successful New York designer who had to dissolve her business, by golly and coming home to her mother’s house in Tennessee should have been in a stretch limo. She found out her mother was not as wealthy as she had been, because her late father had invested in Sugar and Spice, not the commodities but two hookers. Her mother is also hitting the bottle quite frequently. Cynthia’s eight-year-old son Lawrence was the only good thing received from her rotten marriage to Aaron James.  Lawrence is a genius kid who is taken with Quaid from the minute they meet and there are quite a few hilarious moments with this child.  I absolutely loved him and would love to read about him in ten years.


I’LL BE SEEING U brings together the family and friends who we met in THE WAY U LOOK TONIGHT and ‘TIL THERE WAS U. I smiled, I laughed, I cried and I even did the ugly cry. There definitely is mystery in this story, but also there is plenty of sexual activity.


This family had faults, yet, this family was perfect, and these families made me wish I could visit with them in O’Fallon’s Landing. I have loved the way Dianne Castell writes for such a long time and this, I think, is her best work yet, so far.  This trilogy will be hard to top but if anyone can do it, Dianne can.  


In September, TEXAS BAD BOYS has the story from Dianne “Come to a Bad End”.  I’m reading this now.   Thanks, Dianne.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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