I'm Viking And I Protest

Author: Jackie Rose

Publisher: eXstasy Books

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Karl is sick and tired of having his ancestors portrayed as great hulking brutes who did nothing but rape and pillage. The very last straw was the best selling fiction novel 'Ravished By Rangar' by Rose Jacobson. It probably wouldn't have grated so much if he didn't have to see all the women milling about in front of bookstore across from his own Viking Museum, waiting to have their copies signed. As fate would have it, a customer in his store heard his protest that Viking's were farmers, and forced to steal at times to survive. She was Zipporah Stuart, an attorney looking for her big break and a ground breaking case such as fighting against the defamation of Viking-Americans, could be her ticket.

Rose could not believe that her publisher was being sued for defamation of Viking character. She was right, all points in her book had been carefully researched and double checked. She was not going down without a fight, and she certainly wasn't going to change her book because one man decided that he didn't like what she was writing about. Viking-American's, hmmph, there was no such thing; and Rose intended to fight fire with fire.

I'M VIKING AND I PROTEST has kicked the politically correct movement up a notch. Time honored fans of Jackie Rose will not be disappointed in the harrowing misadventures of Karl and Rose. Liberally peppered with Ms. Rose's trademark wit and humor, I'M VIKING AND I PROTEST had me cheering for Karl's 'off the top of your head' minority group. That's not to say that I didn't understand Rose's point either. After all, what would a ravishing Viking novel be without, well, a few ravishing Vikings. Anything with Jackie Rose's name on it is bound to be laugh out loud funny, have some zingers that will make you wince in sympathy, and lot's of hot and heavy sex. So please, snuggle up with Jackie's I'M VIKING AND I PROTEST and see which side you'll choose.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jodi

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