I'm Your Santa
By Alane
Oct 8, 2007 - 3:19:14 PM


By Lori Foster


Beth Monroe is trying to get far, far away from Levi Masterson.   Beth made a terrible mistake turning to Levi when she caught her fiancé cheating on her.   Getting even with her fiancé for his unfaithfulness by seducing his best friend didn't exactly work out the way she'd planned.  After the erotic weekend she and Levi shared, Beth is mortified and wants nothing to do with him.   She runs to her family, with Levi hot on her heels.   And he doesn't intend to let her get away.

When an angry Levi follows Beth to a family gathering, her protective father and stepbrothers rush to her rescue.   But once they realize why Levi is chasing her, they relent.   And when Beth opens up to her stepmother and sisters-in-law about her experiences with Levi, they wonder just why she decided to run from him in the first place.   Suddenly, her reasons are less than clear.   Should Beth take the risk and let Levi into her life?


What would Beth do without the love and support of her family?   Longtime Lori Foster fans may recognize Ben and Sierra, Noah and Grace, and Kent and Brooke from previous stories.   The girls all did what they could to help Beth clear her mind so she would make a wise decision about Levi.   The guys gave Levi the opportunity to explain just what he wanted from Beth.   I hoped Beth would resolve her conflicted feelings and give Levi the opportunity they both deserved.




By Karen Kelley


Actor Jeremy Hunter has it all - parties, women, money.   But his tarnished image just might lose Jeremy his next lead role.   Can audiences accept the partying playboy as a preacher?   His agent has a proposition.   Jeremy Hunter will become Trey Jones, traveling preacher.   If he can pull it off, maybe he'll still have a shot at playing the role on the silver screen.


Bailey Tanner teaches fourth grade in the small town of Two Creeks, Texas.   When an incredibly sexy man in black leather roars into town on a Harley, Bailey's inner bad girl is ready to start turning somersaults.   But when Jeremy introduces himself as preacher Trey Jones, her fantasies come to a screeching halt.   How can someone who practically exudes sexuality possibly be a man of God?!   Oh well, he's only passing through town, anyway.   But something comes over Bailey and she inadvertently distracts Trey, who loses his balance and sprains his ankle.   He's stuck in Two Rivers, and he isn't sure his preacher act will stand up to continuous, small-town scrutiny.   Now what?


Poor Bailey!   I didn't know if she would ever get over the guilt she felt about lusting after a preacher.   I hoped Trey would find a way to come clean about his true identity without breaking Bailey's heart.   But how could a famous Hollywood star and a small-town teacher ever make a real relationship work?   It certainly seemed impossible, but I hoped they wouldn't simply give each other up without a fight.




By Dianne Castell


LuLu Cahill isn't having a very merry Christmas.   Not only did her ex-boyfriend dump her, he also left her with a mountain of credit card debt among other surprises.   It looks like her Christmas visit with her sister in O'Fallon's Landing is going to get extended a bit while she gets her finances straightened out.   While LuLu out listening to carolers and wallowing in her misery, she bumps into a guy with troubles of his own. She doesn't know his name, but "Handsome" seems to fit.


Sebastian Moore was left practically at the altar when his fiancée ran off with another man.   When he meets LuLu Cahill, something happens between them.   They can't seem to keep their hands off each other.   Neither one is planning to stay in town, so what harm can one incredible encounter in a moonlit gazebo do?


Then fate, with a little help from some meddling friends and relatives, keeps throwing LuLu and Sebastian together throughout the next few days.   A relationship between them is never going to happen, so why not distract the busybodies with some sneaky meddling of their own?   But as long as they're together, they might as well take advantage of the ridiculously undeniable attraction between them.   After all, it's only temporary.   Right?


Dianne Castell combines a quirky cast of characters and plenty of steam into a throughly enjoyable story.   I loved visiting O'Fallon's Landing again!   The meddling, secrets, and counter-meddling definitely kept me laughing and guessing.   Christmas didn’t look like it was going to be very merry for Sebastian or LuLu, but I hoped the holiday season would bring more happiness than either of them ever imagined.


With three sizzling stories by three of my favorite authors all in one book, I'M YOUR SANTA definitely got me into the holiday spirit.   From family, to fame, to just plain fun, each story quickly got me hooked and never let go.   Very highly recommended!

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