I'm Yours

Author: Carol McKenzie

Publisher: Loveyoudivine

Release Date: July 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Janelle is about to ask her husband for a divorce, but he finds out before she can get the deed done and the mental abuse that has been going on turns violent.   Intent on leaving her past behind, Janelle makes an effort to move on with her life.   Clint captures her attention like no one else and Janelle can’t stop thinking about his rugged good looks.   Soon danger pushes her even closer to Clint and Janelle has to wonder if she can really make this relationship work?

Clint is attracted to Janelle from the second he sees her.   It doesn’t matter that she is from a different race, Clint feels drawn toward her in a way he can’t explain.   When he finds out about her soon to be ex-husband he knows trouble is coming and when someone tries to kill Janelle he is intent on keeping her safe the only way he knows how.   The heat certainly gets hotter when Janelle moves in with him, but Clint wants more than a temporary arrangement.


I’M YOURS is a whirlwind ride that takes you up, down and all around.   Clint is the ultimate hero that will leave you breathless and his will to keep Janelle around is very strong.   Janelle is a woman who really gets a raw deal, but bounces back like a real trooper.   Danger comes in the form of her ex-husband who is more intent on getting rid of Janelle for good.   The romance between this couple is explosive and apparent from the first meeting.   Even though this is an interracial story the focus is on the characters and not their race, which is fabulous in hooking the readers.   Carol McKenzie is an awesome author and knows how to get and keep the readers attention.   I hope she has many more books to come and I will certainly keep an eye out for more of her work in the future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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