Nature of Desire - Ice Queen
By Chrissy Dionne
May 1, 2006 - 5:14:00 AM

Referred to as the ICE QUEEN, Mistress Marguerite is very well known and respected within the walls of The Zone, an exclusive BDSM club she frequents. Marguerite thrives on control and routine in her personal life as well as her Domme life. She never looks anyone directly in the eyes, never picks the same sub twice, and allows very little to no physical touching. All of these are traits that have not gone unnoticed by fellow Dom, Tyler, and he fully intends to break through the ICE QUEEN's frosty exterior and get to the woman beneath.

Tyler Winterman is a part owner of The Zone as well as a Dominant himself. Because of a computer error Marguerite never fulfilled the terms of the mentoring program that is required by the club, which includes her learning about BDSM from the subs point of view. Tyler sees this glitch as his chance to get to know Marguerite as a woman. The more Tyler gets to know her, the more he's intrigued, but will he be able to break through the mental barriers Marguerite keeps erecting?

Marguerite has been a Domme at The Zone for almost two years. The idea of playing the part of a sub for another Dom terrifies her. She invites Tyler to meet with her at her business, Tea Leaves to discuss this requirement. Once Tyler mentions that he's a part owner of the club, Marguerite tries to convince Tyler to lie for her. He has other ideas for her and they require that she go through with the training. He wants to see her lose that control. From watching her over time, he's aware that she always holds back with her subs, and everything appears synchronized. He knows that she's an excellent Domme, but wonders if she could possibly be a switch. Her physical reaction to his presence is more of what he'd expect from a submissive. However, to uncover the real Marguerite, he'll have to brave the violent reactions she exhibits when feeling threatened in any way.

Joey W. Hill's ICE QUEEN will take readers deep into the more intense BDSM club scene. Both Marguerite and Tyler are well-known Dominants, but you get the sense that Marguerite is hiding behind her ICE QUEEN image - like she's playing a part. I am so impressed with Tyler and the extreme patience and understanding he exhibits with Marguerite. ICE QUEEN had me so hooked I just made the trip over to Ellora's Cave and purchased the first two books of Ms. Hill's NATURE OF DESIRE series and anxiously awaiting the next book MIRROR OF MY SOUL which contains the rest of Marguerite and Tyler's story.

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