By Natalie S.
Mar 12, 2011 - 11:10:36 AM

Sinead O’Brian lives to work.  Since her divorce she has immersed herself into her career so as to guard her heart.  It’s hard enough being a lawyer, but being a female lawyer in a male dominated field just means that she has more to give up and lose should she be anything but the best.  Called into the NY Blades hockey office, Sinead is given the task of defending team captain and player Adam Perry against a blown up charge of assault.  This is easier said than done because Adam is not the easiest man to talk to and he is definitely not giving up any information on himself without a fight. 

Adam Perry is the new captain of the NY Blades hockey team.  He has a job to do and does it very well – no one is tougher on the ice than Adam and his teammates.  And opponents almost fear him – they absolutely don’t want to tangle with him, that’s for sure.  When he is targeted by a possible assault charge for doing what he does best on the ice, Adam knows that he is going to have to cooperate with the lawyer hired to defend him – he just didn’t know that he would have to make his heart cooperate as well. 


More than once Sinead and Adam clash while making his case – Sinead knows there is more to Adam than meets the eye.  She just doesn’t realize that in defending this handsome and hard man she would become familiar with the person he is on the inside.  And that person is the man she falls hard for – something she knows is not the safest thing to do but something she just can’t help.


Sinead and Adam’s attraction to each other is pretty instantaneous.  Neither wants the complication of a relationship but neither is willing to give up what they feel.  Adam’s fear of Sinead realizing the ‘truth’ about him makes him stubborn, stoic, and way over the top sexy.  He is like an onion that needs to be peeled – there are tears along the way but the end result is worth it.  Sinead is more than Adam’s match – she works hard and while she longs for home and family, she doesn’t expect anything – after all, her heart has been broken before.  But, she hasn’t fallen in love with a man like Adam Perry before and the rest is history!


ICEBREAKER might just be my favorite Deirdre Martin romance.  The elements are all there – powerful attraction, immediate connection, and smoldering looks combined with naughty innuendos and kisses.     Adam and Sinead’s love story is one I will definitely read again!

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