Icing on the Cake
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2010 - 1:47:25 PM

Jeff Morgan doesn’t do romance.  With his work schedule he doesn’t have time to nurture one even if he wanted to; even his friends are kept at an arm’s length – all except for Clarissa who apparently has no concept of personal barriers. What he wants is occasional sexual encounters and no troublesome demands. He’s more than a little surprised that his mission to pick out a wedding cake for Clarissa brings him to a man who threatens to topple his long held policy on long-term relationships.

Ollie Cranford isn’t your normal baker. He’s tattooed, pierced, bald and as delectable as the delicacies he creates.  He looks like he’s more at home on the back of a motorcycle than baking but he loves his bakery and gets great pleasure out of making others happy through his artistic endeavors.  The one thing he’s missing in his life is someone to share it with – but when Jeff enters his bakery he realizes that this man is his missing ingredient.


Jeff has kept his sexual preferences to himself but the cat’s kind of out of the bag now that Clarissa has made him her ‘maid of honor.’   Fortunately he doesn’t take offense at the title and even feels relief at finally being able to openly acknowledge his preference for men.  He certainly never expected to find someone who incites his desires the way Ollie does.  The trouble is he’s developed a sweet tooth and the thought of putting his heart at risk and falling in love with Ollie terrifies him. 


The cover for ICING ON THE CAKE is what first drew me to this book and the story is just as mouth-watering.  Shayla Kersten delves into these men’s lives and the troubles that led them to their current attitude about what they seek in their lovers and relationships.  This story is fast paced and passionate with lots of yummy interactions which keep you eagerly reading each and every word to find out if these men will trust in the feelings they have for each other. 


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