If I Gained The World

Author: Linda Nichols

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Release Date: October, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Lenore Vine was a thin, plain woman who had lived with tall, gorgeous Daniel Monroe for the last six years. What he saw in her she didn't know, but they were happy together and had produced a beautiful little boy from their union. Only one thing was missing in Lenore's little corner of the world that would have made it perfect. She longed for Daniel to marry her and make her an honorable woman. What she didn't know was that simple request was about to make her world fall apart instead.

As soon as she had said the words, she wished them back. She knew in her heart it was over. He wasn't going to marry her. Daniel was happy with the way things were and she never would be. She couldn't understand his fear of commitment, but nevertheless, it was there. There was no taking back the words once they had left her mouth. All he had needed to do was say "I'll marry you", but he couldn't bring himself to say them. They loved each other and had a son together, but still he couldn't take that final step. The next day Lenore took hers. She packed her and Scott's things and moved on with her life...a life without Daniel.


Somehow Lenore would manage without Daniel. She and Scott would make a life away from Los Angeles. She drove till she felt a need to stop and found herself in Seattle, tired and almost penniless after putting money down on an apartment. After several days of weeping, she knew she needed to get herself together for Scott's sake and find a job. Finding her car broken down, she remembered the kind apartment manager's words,"Call me if you ever need anything". What happened because of that urgent call for help would change her life forever.


IF I GAINED THE WORLD is a fabulous contemporary written with so much love and kindness woven throughout its pages I couldn't put it down and read the whole book in one day. I was so engrossed in this book I could feel myself living the story through Lenore's eyes and felt her pain in my own heart. I even found myself crying after reading about some of the struggles she had to endure in her life after leaving Daniel and kept hoping for her happiness. Her strength came from her belief and trust in God and knew all things worked for good in the end for those that believed and loved God. Many of the characters in this book had their own personal tragedies to contend with, but one common thread wove them together...their love of and trust in God. This is definitely one book that will grace my bookshelf for many years to come and will be reread often for its ability to test and strengthen my own personal faith. I highly recommend this awesome book to any and all who love to read great stories.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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