If It's Tuesday, There Must Be Dildos

Author: Elizabeth Jewell

Publisher: Freebie on author website

Release Date: 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Delia arrives home to find Scott sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine. In the middle of the table is a beautifully wrapped box. She asks what it is and he wishes her a happy anniversary and insists she open it. She asks where the kids are and he says they're at her sister's house-for the night.

She opens the box, still wondering at the size of it. He usually gives her jewelry. To say she was surprised to find a nine-inch blue dildo inside would be quite an understatement. He corrects her saying that it's a vibrator and suggests that they go try it out.


Scott purchased it with the idea that he'd watch her use it, never expecting to have the tables turned on him. Like two people making love for the first time, they sit in the middle of the bed discussing what to do next.


Elizabeth Jewel has written a sometimes roaringly funny and sometimes very sad story of two people who are attempting to put their love life back together again. Without question, Delia trusts her husband as they venture ahead and experiment with the present he's just given her. He, on the other hand, isn't so trusting when she wants to run it over his body. Scott has the usual hang-ups some men feel when trying new experiences. Delia takes a turn at ordering something for him to use and is patient with him as he tentatively agrees to give it a try.


IF IT'S TUESDAY, THERE MUST BE DILDOS is short, but packed with emotion you won't want to miss. Scott and Delia have a saying I found intriguing. They've taken the typically teenager saying of "that sucks" and turned it around to suit them. When he tells her that the kids are at her sister's house for the night, she comments "that doesn't suck." Elizabeth Jewel has a hit on her hands and I thoroughly loved it.


NOTE: Formerly a release at Changeling Press, this title is now out of contract and available through the author's website.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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